The Power of Emptiness

Fountain and Foundation

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–It’s amazing what a few holes in a box can do. Two windows and a vent and all of the sudden, there is light and air and Life.

Pure awareness–that which is your nature before your mind starts buzzing–is a lot like the new windows in my truck. It really isn’t anything special, just an opening–but that opening allows for us to see and breathe. What was dark before awareness/windows, is now light. In a very real way, openings allow Life.

I differ from many non-dual teachers in that I spend a lot of time celebrating and appreciating the life that flows forth from this emptiness (and I call that flowing, moving Life, “Her.”)

Before, when I climbed inside the back of the truck and closed the doors it was pitch black and stuffy. Now there is light and air (and Life). Your awareness is the Light and Life–and ironically, your mind confuses things and makes everything dark. 🙂

(Raw pictures of the truck with windows and the early bed below the break.  What does “below the break” mean?)

Truck with Windows

I was considering hanging a ladder on each side of the truck to hide the windows, but now that they are installed, I don’t think it is necessary. At night–which is really the only time you need to be stealthy–the windows are practically invisible. When I had started shopping around for a truck, I expected I’d find a white truck (the most common out there). In that case, I had planned on painting a thick black stripe horizontally on the box, and mounting the window in the black area. The contrast between the white body and black stripe should be enough to “hide” the window in plain sight. Hanging a ladder would further add to the contrast making it really difficult to make out the window.

Early Bed

That little box at the head of the bed is just a Tupperware container with a 12-volt distribution panel and battery meter. This makes wiring up, and controlling, 12-volt equipment (the new vent fan for example) easier, and the meter allows me to check the amount of power the batteries have remaining. The Tupperware part is just temporary, I’ll eventually mount the panel in the bed’s headboard.

Also note the missing (and evil) A/C unit. I think I’ll hang a big wall hanging on the back wall (maybe a big OM symbol) to cover up those holes and bolts (the bolts hold the outside portion of the A/C unit in place, which I didn’t see any reason to remove).

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