The World of Illusion

Squirrel in a Rain Gutter

PALM BAY, FL–I’m going to let you in on a little secret–a secret that the sages from time untold have all agreed on: You are seriously screwed up.

More below the break (huh?).

Does the squirrel above live in a different world than you do?

Before you answer that question, ask yourself this:

  • Does the squirrel worry about what other’s think of him?
  • Does he spend his days trying to be better than his fellow squirrels?
  • Is he concerned about his health, his weight, his diet?
  • Does he ask himself, “How can I be a better squirrel?”
  • Does he dream of owning that cute little nest overlooking the lake?
  • Does he worry about money? About power? About status?
  • Does he have enough nuts socked away to last him through his old age?
  • Does he worry about interest rates? About how much he lost in the stock market?
  • Does he care about the past? The future?
  • Does he beat himself up over that perfect “squirrel who got away”?
  • Does he think about–obsess about–himself constantly?

Now I’ll ask you again: Does the squirrel live in a different world than you do?

Here’s what the sages know:

Anything that exists in your world but does not exist in the squirrel’s world is an illusion. All that extra stuff is just fantasy. It’s all in your head. It simply isn’t real.

The sages know you are seriously screwed up because you refuse to believe this.

The sages know you are seriously screwed up because once, not so long ago, they were just as caught up in their “selves” as you are.

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