“This Is Just Fine With Me”

The Wood Nymph

PALM BAY, FL–Recently one of the things that has really surprised me is how much time, energy and stress I used to put into protecting and “improving” myself and my life. A “self” and “life” that were ultimately just figments of my imagination.

You see, before I woke up, almost all my time was spent on making my life better: Smarter, wealthier, wiser, more comfortable, happier, etc. It was spent on winning.

Almost all my energy was spent on trying not to lose.

When the personal self falls way and the ego barrier crumbles, the inside (the former you) merges with the outside (Her/the Universe) and you profoundly realize that You-As-Nothing and She-As-Everything are the exact same thing. You find that you have nothing to lose because 1) as Nothing, you never had anything, and 2) as Everything you have nothing that is lacking.

But what is not readily apparent is that the energy formerly spent on defenses and betterment, gradually transforms into a deep-felt sense of joy and happiness and–most powerfully of all–appreciation.

Experiment! Play!

So even if you haven’t “woken up” yet, why not experiment with it? Why not play with this awhile–for an hour, a day, a week–and see if you really have anything to lose?

Stop defending. Stop trying to improve. Forget about the best deal, the best you can be. Just kick-back and say, “You know, this is just fine with me.”

A life lived in this manner feels open and alive and amazing. It feels like harmony. Play with it, try it out, see for yourself if it isn’t worth the loss–the loss of the ego barrier running you ragged.

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