Today’s Dusty and Dry Nondual Teachers

A Study in Composition

HUNGRY MOTHER SP, VA–Everywhere I look, I see Beauty. Everywhere I look I see the Divine. Everywhere I look.

Many (not all, but most) nonduality teachers seem to miss this entirely. It’s like they think enlightenment is a purely mental process, as in, “I figured it out!”

Much like my confusion with their lack of personal blogging, I’m boggled that they seem to be blind to the amazing essence that suffuses everything. The One Life that is everything (including ourselves).

Our True Nature is not just a mental quality, not something to be figured out.

Our True Nature is Life without the illusion of a personal self–not some dusty, dry and rationalized Awareness without any life.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Dusty and Dry Nondual Teachers

  1. Hi Wayne- realizing you’re not necessarily a Jed McKenna fan, this quote from him seemed quite fitting: “I see perfection and beauty and absolute delight everywhere and in everything. The touch of the slightest breeze, the sight of a single star through cloud-swept skies, the howls of coyote pups in the distance, and the sheer glory and beauty of it all is enough to tear me to shreds, and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!” Me, too; heck, sitting at a computer commenting on a post is like that. If enlightenment is anything at all …. it’s alive!

  2. @Doug: Oh, I’m not against him or anything, in fact, what little I’ve read of his stuff, I agree with. I just don’t agree with his “technique” (and I have this issue with many of today’s nondual teachers). They simply aren’t effective at helping people wake up.

  3. Cool (Californian for “I appreciate and respect your viewpoint. : ) ). When you refer to Jed’s “technique”, what do you mean? I’m simply curious. I see Jed McKenna as, if nothing else, rather unique … and so, I don’t quite get how he’s the same as other non-dual teachers (whom I have issue with, too — quite likely, I’d guess, some of the same issues you do. : ) ). The only two things that I see from Jed that could be called “technique” are: his literal technique of Spiritual Autolysis (which is basically inquiry-meets-journaling; intense inquiry, a la Nisargadatta, or Adyashanti, with writing as a key support tool), and his “satsang dialogs”, which to me, seem very similar to Adyashanti’s, with a bit of the nice-guy-ness that Adyashanti has turned way down. And so, if you care to comment (back : ) ), I’m simply interested. Thanks. PS- Thanks for doing this post; it’s a very pertinent one, and it already has one positive review at the AYP Forum (in, fittingly, the Jed McKenna thread : ) ), from someone who reads your blog there, who I didn’t know knew of you, or your blog.

  4. @Doug: I’ve only seen a couple of the videos of “his” which are basically quotes of him. But it isn’t just Jed McKenna I have an issue with. Almost all nonduality teachers say the same thing over and over and over again: Neti, Neti, Neti. Not this. Not this. Not this. They use a million different words (and if one more person uses “myriad” again…), but they are all basically copying and pasting from each other and saying, “Neti. Neti. Neti.”

    That is only half the truth. Indeed, that is the easy part. That is the part the mind can “figure out.”

    To me, many of the nondualists are the equivalent of atheists. Their “nondual truth” is just another belief system. They say, “I believe that nothing is real except Awareness. Everything else is just a dream.” That’s what I mean by “Dry and Dusty.”

    Look at any photo I’ve taken. Now look at something next to your desk. Can you see the Light in each? That isn’t just Awareness, that’s the One Life–that’s God looking at Herself. That’s Unity consciousness which is “Not this AND this.”

  5. Ah – got it. : ) I agree with you 100%; the only minor point of disagreement (and per the Jed McKenna quote “a comment or two up”) … Jed is less like that than the videos make him seem (which you wouldn’t know, since you only know him from the videos, and the few quotes I compiled). Those quotes were compiled by a fan of his; reading his entire books, you get a very different feel for him; he’s much more appreciative of the beauty and life we’re immersed in-as, here, than the video-quotes would make it seem. And yes, beauty permeates your photos, and beauty permeates the appreciation of your photos; light savoring light, loving light; exactly as with the connection-union of awareness-perception-cable modem, awareness-perception-water bottle; awareness-perception-song I’m listening to; the living-lovemaking of life itself, living unbound (hence the name of my site). It’s the difference between breathing and reading about breathing; between kissing and a snapshot of people you don’t know, kissing; between reality and illusion. The difference between arid non-dual philosophy, and beautiful non-dual reality. Good stuff; good post; “I concur.”

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