Waiting on the Windows

Idle Hours in the Hotel

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–I’m going to be here for another two weeks or so, waiting on some windows to come in for my stealth RV. This will give me some time to work on the interior. I’ve already installed the deep cycle batteries (2 Sears Platinum PM-2’s, 3 year full exchange policy!), an inverter (converts battery DC electricity to standard “house” AC electricity), attached a battery isolator (to charge the batteries when the motor is running), removed the shelves (by drilling out a bunch of rivets) and cleaned the walls.

I’ve got it almost to the bare room (blank slate) stage.

I’m in the middle of removing the gigantic A/C unit which will free up some headroom toward the back of the box. Turns out it comes in two units–the inside and the outside–so I’ll leave the outside unit in place to keep the seals intact (hopefully).

A couple of embarrassingly blah before and after photos below the break.



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5 thoughts on “Waiting on the Windows

  1. Wayne, I love your photography and bought your Enlightenment book before finding your website. I’ve been following your van progress, it sounds like an interesting project. I restored a Vanagon Westy that I use for traveling. I sure like having the stealth option, just don’t pop the top during those times. I wanted to mention how useful I have found a 25 watt solar panel which keeps my deep cycle battery charged. It is reasonably small and does a great job of topping the battery up every day. I picked it up from Harbor Freight when it was on sale for $129, so wasn’t too expensive. Anyway, just wanted to pass that along, if you park for long in one place, it is nice to have a full battery at night to run some lights, a fan, and of course the laptop! You could bolt one (or two) right on top of that big box… Namaste.

  2. Hi Bill and welcome! So far, the battery isolator is working very well, just a short trip for errands and it tops up the batteries which I had been using all afternoon to run a power drill, but I definitely see a solar panel or two to “top them off” during more idle times (not running the engine). I’ll play it by ear once I hit the road and see how my power requirements go. Thanks for your comment!

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