When I Became A Mystic

Cherry Blossoms at My Grandfather's Grave

PALM BAY, FL–As I was redesigned this blog a few days ago, I paused a moment to re-read the first chapter of Fading Toward Enlightenment and was suddenly overcome with emotion.

As I reread this page–as I relived that cold, dark morning alone at my grandfather’s grave (having missed the funeral)–I was overcome with emotion as I recalled looking down at the freshly turned earth of his final resting place.

At that time, I was wracked with tears at the meaninglessness of his life. At the meaninglessness of MY life. At the meaningless of ALL life.

That was a key moment in my evolution–in my realization that there must be something more than simply being born and living and dying.

That was the moment something shifted inside. When, on that cold damp morning, as I looked up from the freshly turned clay of the gravesite, and I saw these miraculous cherry blossoms (above).

At that moment, I caught my first glimpse of an intelligence working behind the scenes.

That was the moment something changed in me.

That was the moment I became a mystic (though I didn’t realize it at the time).

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2 thoughts on “When I Became A Mystic

  1. I don’t know all of the “official terms” but – since I’ve known you in the 7th grade you have been a “seeker”. It took a few years (many) but you’ve help me to not stop at the first path and call it “the one”. I should have listened to Robert Frost those many years ago.

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