When Things Go “Wrong”

Two Flags on a Pier

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–One of the great lessons that problems teach us, as I have been reminded of over and over lately, is that we can resist them and be miserable, or we can step back, surrender, and feel free as Life takes us on Her own journey.

It’s natural to resist, to fight, to try to overcome the obstacles (the personal self loves to control things), but by surrendering your desires and saying, “Come what may,” you step away from the troubles, and then magically the stress just falls away.

For myself at times like these, I like to slide into what I call the Passionate level of Enlightenment–letting go, opening up, and allowing Her to flow through me.

I probably best described the Passionate Level here (and guide listeners into it here). It’s wonderful to feel some higher power (God, Tao, Spirit, Higher Self, Her) moving through you. You almost never know where it’s going, but it always feels “right.”

PS: Some more photos of the truck’s current interior (with new floor and dressers) below the break. (What does “below the break” mean?)

PPS: I picked up the missing bolt on Monday, the truck is fixed, and I should be heading north to cooler air in a couple days.



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4 thoughts on “When Things Go “Wrong”

  1. Getting more “homey”. Not quite the Waldorf, but close 😉 Is that a folding bike to replace the Jeep? How’s it work out for you?

  2. @Jeff: Good eye. Yes it is a folding bicycle from West Marine (I’m finding they carry much better equipment than RV stores). It’s aluminum (because of saltwater on boats) so it is very lightweight compared to other folding bikes. Takes about 30 seconds to fold/unfold (really). I’ve only used it a few times but it works well. I’ll probably look for a seat extender as I’ve got it maxed out height-wise. I’ll probably hang it from the ceiling later (it has a built in hanging loop).

  3. I like how you’ve raised the bed to gain more storage space. A friend of mine once installed bunk beds in her bedroom and replaced the bottom bed by a little office space. It was very cool. But the room did not have wheels like yours! 🙂

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