Why Don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?

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DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–A couple weeks ago I went through this entire list of enlightenment teachers (Nonduality/Advaita Vedanta) and not one of the (currently) 77 teachers keeps a personal blog. Not one. Isn’t that strange?

Sure some of them post “article” blogs–a series of articles supporting their teachings–but no teacher blogs about their daily lives. Not a single one.

Enlightenment is not just about waking up–it’s about living life. It’s about a rare, amazing, open, and natural way of seeing and functioning in this world–the perfect fodder for a good blog.

Each of these teachers must have considered how useful a day-to-day, personal blog would be for their students, and yet none of them chose to share their non-egoic lives.

Really–isn’t that strange?

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3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?

  1. “Why don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?”

    Well, apparently they do now. You may just be the first “system buster”.

    Well done !

  2. Yes, its strange but predictable.
    And this is why I not only wanted to befriend you but to also join our small group blog of 14.
    This is exactly why…. The land of PR and the world of the so-called ‘non-dual teacher” LOLOLOLOL
    Who wont really be real in a public venue.
    Thank you , for you.

  3. Hey Wayne
    Yep- thou art correct.
    God forbid any satsang teacher should expose their diaily routine of pissing and pooping and eating like the rest of us. There’s only so much of -gag-me- “you are that” with lotus flowers in the background that any intelligent person is gunna take. We’ve transitioned from the Adi Das, and Oshos and Maharishis of the world. It’s time to transition from the Gangajis and Adyashantis and Tolle’s too. Blog-on. I promise not to throw flowers…

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