Why I’m Not Afraid To Die: Evidence of the Soul

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PALM BAY, FL–In the preface to The Benefits of Mystical Oneness , I mention taking a “leap of faith” as the first step on the mystical path to enlightenment. This “leap” is where the spiritual seeker stops thinking of herself as a mortal human being, and starts living as if she is an eternal soul.

Once she makes the leap (not just thinking about being a soul, but actually living as if she were one), she–quite simply–loses the fear of death. Without this fear, her spiritual growth accelerates exponentially–and her life changes dramatically.

So how do we do this? How do we convince ourselves that we are a Soul?

You’ve heard and read stories of people who have claimed to have “gone beyond” and returned. Maybe you’ve had some visions yourself. The problem is, most of us aren’t naive–many of us are naturally skeptical. We’ll often dismiss these stories–even our own memories–as fantasy or delusion.

In order to make such a dramatic change to our core identity, what we need is evidence that the Soul is real. Evidence. Verifiable accounts and studies by the scientific community.

Below is but a tiny piece of a massive amount of evidence in support of the human soul. I hope, after reading it, that it helps convince you that we are not merely human beings, but eternal Souls who cannot die. I hope with this evidence, that the jump from the edge of the cliff down into the Abyss–the first step toward Mystical Oneness–becomes just a little bit easier to make.

More below the break (huh?).

Verifiable Evidence

To help overcome our “belief” resistance–whether in the reality of an eternal Soul or the quirkiness of quantum physics–we need verifiable evidence. Verifiable in that others can attest to (and agree on) the reported results.

For example, if I told you that I had “died” in a car accident and while dead I saw Jesus and he guided me to a long, dark tunnel, you SHOULD look at my claims with skepticism–simply because no one else at the accident saw Jesus floating there. No one could verify it. On the other hand, if I “died” during surgery and I later related how I had floated above the operating table and saw one of the nurses accidentally cut her finger on a scalpel–and the nurse later VERIFIED this–then you can be pretty sure of the validity of my story.

Verifiable accounts. Those are what convince us of truth.

The following is from a single report, Physically Transcendent Awareness: A Comparison of the Phenomenology of Consciousness Before Birth and After Death, by Jenny Wade, Ph.D.. Not an easy read–but the full text of the report can be found here.

Below, I’ve pulled–and commented on–what I feel are some powerful examples of evidence in the existence of the human Soul.

Much of the material in the report is also found in her book, Changes of Mind, a “map” of the development of human consciousness which, though pretty technical, is very fascinating.

Some Notes:

Ms. Wade posits that there are two types of human consciousness. Brain-based consciousness–“normal” awareness which arises from inside the brain, and Transcendent consciousness–awareness that appears to be centered outside of the brain. I don’t believe she ever says that transcendent consciousness is Soul consciousness, but she certainly implies it.

Underlined text is my emphasis, not Ms. Wade’s.

Abstract of Jenny Wade’s report: Physically Transcendent Awareness…

Right from the beginning, she puts it out there…

ABSTRACT: Veridical evidence of a physically transcendent source of consciousness comes from both extremes of the life span when central nervous system functioning is compromised, suggesting that some form of personhood can exist independently of known cellular processes associated with the body.

“some form of personhood can exist independently of known cellular processes associated with the body.” In other words: The Soul.


a physically transcendent source representing individual consciousness predates physical life at the moment of conception and survives it after death, and that its maturity and functioning do not directly reflect the level of central nervous system functioning in the body.

As a Soul, we are mature, conscious beings who exist before our physical bodies are born, and who survive after our physical bodies die.

Prior to Birth

In the beginning of the report, Ms. Wade focuses on infant memories of the birth experience. These are not evidence of a soul so I’ll skip ahead to where she talks about the two consciousnesses (brain-based and transcendent/soul-based) being present even while the fetus is still in the womb

First, these early impressions seem to involve an out-of-body vantage point. A close examination of published regression transcripts from older subjects reveals evidence of two intermittent streams of awareness, one assuming a vantage point within the uterus, the other one located outside the baby’s body, and apparently outside the mother’s body as well. Switches in vantage point occur in virtually all records. Very young children do not seem bothered by the dual vantage point, but older subjects may express puzzlement even under hypnosis, as these four accounts illustrate.

At times I feel like I’m somewhere in the room witnessing what is going on, and at other times I am the child and seeing it from that point of view… I wonder how come I can see around behind him?

It’s like standing there in the same room. Sometimes I can feel it and sometimes I’m watching.

It’s like flashing both. It’s like I am somebody else looking at what’s happening. Am I making this up? I don’t think I am, but I hesitate to say what I’m actually seeing.

I keep looking through the nursery window. It’s weird. I can’t be on both sides of the window? I’m looking at the baby; it’s me. (Chamberlain, 1988a, pp. 187-188)

Memories of conception (no brain, no body, just two cells coming together):

Regression subjects, however, have accurately reported incidents long before any significant brain development had occurred, in some cases before the embryonic body was even formed

Ingrid remembered her mother and father making love on a couch in Germany, before they were married. The doorbell rang to announce that Grandmother and Aunt had come back from shopping when they weren’t supposed to. The encounter sent shockwaves through all present. Ingrid says, “Mother was beside herself. She knew she got pregnant. She was ashamed. She didn’t want to do it in the first place.” (Chamberlain, 1990, p. 181)

Memories seen from outside the body while a fetus in the womb:

Evidence strongly suggestive of a physically transcendent or extrasensory source of perception comes from veridical visual images impossible to obtain from inside the womb. Detailed visual descriptions demonstrate an out-of-body vantage point from which the fetus can see things their eyes could not see from inside the mother’s body. Moreover, fetal eyes are not fully functional, as the eyelids are fused until the 26th week (Chamberlain, 1994).

Mother is sitting on a couch knitting something. Daddy comes in and is asking why she is knitting something for a girl. Mother says, “It’s a girl. I know it’s a girl. It has to be a girl.” She has on a green plaid dress. I can’t see any other color. I think it is dark.”

[The mother] exclaimed, “I had a green and black plaid dress on and I can remember when that was! I had just begun feeling Debbie kicking. It was in April. I gave that dress away right after my pregnancy. I would have been almost five months along.” (Cheek, 1986, pp. 106-107)

My client Loretta, while still in the womb, remembered her mother standing on the deck of a boat, holding tightly to a railing, tense, and trying to steady herself. “She’s looking at an island. There are other people looking over the water, listening to someone tell them where they are going, explaining to them about the island. My father is standing by my mother, worried about her. He wants to know if she is all right. The rocking of the boat is making her sick. She sat down and is rubbing her stomach.”

Loretta’s mother and father were surprised to hear this story coming out of the third trimester of pregnancy. They said she had correctly reported their outing on a sightseeing boat but said they had never told her about it. (Chamberlain, 1990, pp. 178)

In one study, 89% of 750 people regressed to the fetal stage reported a detached, out of the fetal body viewpoint–a soul-like identity–not of the fetus, but somehow “bonded” to the fetus. Now these may not all be verifiable, but we are talking about nearly 9 out of 10 subjects reporting this unusual phenomenon. Eighty-nine percent.

Deborah’s identification of herself as a mind-—and all the direct records showing two intermittent sources of consciousness-—are corroborated by the independent research of Helen Wambach (1981). She regressed more than 750 people and then had them describe their experience of fetal life. Eighty-nine percent of her subjects reported having two separate, simultaneous sources of awareness. They did not identify with the growing fetus or its stream of consciousness, although they accepted that the fetus was “theirs.” Instead, they identified themselves with a nonphysical source of consciousness, and tended not to become involved with “their fetus” until six months after conception. In fact many were extremely reluctant to join “their consciousness” with the fetus. Wambach’s subjects characterized themselves as disembodied minds hovering around the fetus and mother, being “in and out” of the fetus and having a telepathic knowledge of the mother’s emotions throughout pregnancy and birth.

Ms. Wade summarizes her findings on the traits of the “transcendent consciousness” (Soul prior to birth):

Taking all the data together, the phenomenology of the nonphysical source of prenatal consciousness includes the following characteristics. The attitude toward life seems to be that it is necessary but unpleasant, and that there is an obligation to be born incarnate. Self boundaries are real, but not physical except as related to the fetal body. The transcendental self has no body but is spatially located in, and limited to, an area around the mother’s body; it includes the fetal body, brain, and emerging consciousness, though this is sometimes viewed as an alien or shadow part of the self.

To summarize the prenatal data, the regression research suggests that a transcendent source of consciousness exists before birth. While the brain lacks measurable coordinated activity until the third trimester, the transcendent source with its mature, unchanging awareness may be present even before conception. It seems to be spatially and temporally limited to an area immediately around the fetal body or the mother from conception up to an extreme limit of two days after birth. At some point during the pregnancy or perinatal period, the transcendent source becomes “stuck” to its body with less freedom to dissociate its quasi-independent selfhood from that of the fetus. For the majority of people, this joining coincides with the period when measurable brain wave activity commences. The fact that neonates exhibit great alertness for the first few hours after birth, in contrast to the vague, dreamy state that characterizes the first few weeks of life, suggests that perinatal consciousness, as narrowly defined here, may represent a unique phenomenon when the transcendent source is still relatively accessible (Wade, 1996).

After Death

On comparing the traits and experiences of this “transcendent consciousness” before life and after death, Ms. Wade once again clarifies that she only uses verifiable data:

As mentioned earlier, the only portion of the near-death records treated in this paper concerns evidence of physically transcendent experiences in the familiar reality that can be independently verified by third parties.

Here she relates a case of the Soul following along with the body while it is being transported to the hospital.

To illustrate a case of immediate proximity even when the body was moved, an 8-year-old boy fell from a bridge, hitting his head on a rock in the water below (Morse and Perry, 1990). He had stopped breathing and was without a pulse when a police officer pulled him from the deep water where he had been submerged for at least five minutes. The policeman, who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 30 minutes until a hospital helicopter arrived, declared the boy dead at the scene. The boy was resuscitated at the hospital, however, but did not regain consciousness until two days later. He then proceeded to recount in detail the rescue effort, naming the police officer who rescued him, stating how long it took for the helicopter to arrive, and describing the resuscitation procedures performed. The boy said he had watched all these events from outside his body.

On being able to travel about and listen in on conversations while the body is dead:

…one amusing case comes from a woman whose source of awareness left the room where her body was being resuscitated to observe her brother-in-law in the hospital lobby talking to a business acquaintance he had met there by chance (Moody and Perry, 1988).

“Well, I was going out of town on a business trip,” said the brother-in-law. “But it looks like June is going to kick the bucket, so I better stay around and be a pallbearer.”A few days later when she was recovering, the brother-in-law came to visit. She told him that she was in the room as he spoke to his friend, and erased any doubt by saying, “Next time I die, you go off on your business trip because I’ll be just fine.” (Moody and Perry, 1988, p. 19)

About how clear (hyperlucidity) both vision and thought are while disincarnate (both prior to birth and after death):

Mentation is alert, and perception vivid, combining to form a hyperlucidity (Moody, 1975, 1977; Ring, 1980, 1984). The deceased exhibit the same detailed and accurate perceptions as do prenatal subjects, similarly verified by family members, rescue workers, on-lookers, and medical personnel. The near-death literature abounds with veridical accounts in which subjects accurately describe complicated and, often from their view, incomprehensible resuscitation procedures (Morse and Perry, 1990).

About how the senses are functioning (as a Soul) even if the body’s senses have been physically damaged or destroyed:

As illustrated by this account, extrasensory perceptions are present in after-death narratives, just as they are in prenatal accounts. Sabom (1982) reported the case of a soldier who had been severely injured by an explosion. The blast burned his eyes, blinding him for weeks, yet this man described detailed visual images of the battlefield and the operating table, and later identified the surgeon’s voice from having heard it during surgery, although both his eardrums had been perforated by the explosion. Such accounts clearly defy traditional physical explanations.

Verifiable reports. Not hallucinations:

These verified reports are not hallucinations. To cite one more example of verified remote viewing, in two independent cases at different locations, survivors found their consciousness had drifted up to the roof tops of the hospitals where their bodies were being resuscitated (Ring and Lawrence, 1993). And, in as odd a coincidence as imaginable, both people just happened to see abandoned shoes on those roofs. Their detailed descriptions of the shoes and their locations were independently verified by people who had to climb out onto the roofs because the shoes were not otherwise visible.


All of this from one report. Incident after verifiable incident of the reality of the human soul.

Need more? Here are a slew of reports just like this one.

So I ask you, do you believe you are a mere mortal being with only a few years left to live… or an eternal Soul with a few thousand lifetimes still awaiting you?

Are you ready to jump into the Abyss? Are you ready to take that first step?

You were alive before you were born. You will be alive after your body dies.

Close your eyes, hold your breath and jump.

It will change your life.

(Also see: More Evidence of the Soul)

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9 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Afraid To Die: Evidence of the Soul

  1. I am 65 years old, born 9/29/46. I have a memory that has always been with me. It begins with me “floating” in a stationary position. I am spherical in shape. I can tell this because I can see my shape from the inside. It is not like I am “inside” the sphere…..I am the sphere. It is misty inside but I see everything outside clearly. I am viewing two people holding a baby up by the ankles. I dont know if its a doctor and a nurse because they are wearing surgical masks, caps and gowns. It is not them that I am interested though, it is the baby. I move towards the baby and the memory ends. This memory, this “view” has been with me ever since I can remember. I know that what I saw was my birth. For some reason that event was recorded in my consciousness and I have always remembered it. I have sometimes been bothered that the memory has no emotion with it. In other words I viewed what took place with no emotion what-so-ever. It occured to me, some time ago, why this may have been. I considered what happens when I walk into the grocery store…..I walk through the door and go about my business, there is little if any emotion involved in that action. I think, maybe, that is what happened when I arrived here, there was no emotion because I was here “on business”…..to be born…..just like entering the grocery store to shop. I am open to discussion if this is of interest to you. Thank you.

  2. Powerful stuff John. I had a similar experience/memory, though it was just prior to conception. I’ve read of hundreds of other reports, all lend more credibility to the Soul as a real “thing.”

  3. Much as I would like to believe this, logically it makes no sense. Why would it take millions of years for an organism like the human being to evolve when the conciousness or ‘soul’ as you call it, could exist on its own? There would be no need for a corporeal entity at all, in this case.

  4. @Patsy: That is a very good question. From my experiences, from the reports of others who have recalled the “in-between” state, and from my understanding of the Tibetan and Indian concept of the Bardo realms, the Soul is basically a “thinking” being. Without a body, without the intimacy of emotional fears and longings, the Soul simply can’t evolve.

    For example, you can say to yourself (rationally), “I will no longer be attached to suffering.” That is all fine and good, but without actually putting yourself in a real-life suffering example, your ideal is untested, and quite likely completely contrary to reality.

    This is exactly why I am so adamant about LIVING the teaching, rather than just thinking it. We simply don’t grow without living it.

    Thanks for your question.

  5. Great stuff here. In response to Patsy, the way I’ve always looked at it is that a “soul” alone, can not evolve. It’s impossible to relate to just yourself and grow at all. I believe this is why we are- what we are, and where we are. We are all pieces of God, put here to relate to the world and each other in order for God/us to evolve. Science tells us that The universe is ever expanding. Energy can not be destroyed, only transformed. It’s impossible to make something out of nothing. Too many examples like these to list here, but you get the drift. Also on a slightly silly note, it just seems only natural that if “souls” exist eternally, they would have to be recycled at some point! Thanks again Wayne for all this wonderful food. You’ve unlocked the door and I’m walking through it:)

  6. I was one of those people that has never been religious, and I still am. I cannot explain what made me realize that we are not just flesh, but a soul/energy exists in all of us. As mad as it may sound, I have left my body in my earlier years; I am 54 now, but it happened in my early 20’s. Unless you have left your body, you will deny the experience. And many deny it after it happens. It scares the fuck out of you when it happens. And it’s hard to repeat. I don’t know what I believe in anymore. But I do know as a human being, we are NOT just flesh and blood. And I am at peace with that. Heaven? No, I think it’s a fourth dimension thing. I can’t prove what happened to me. Strictly spirit energy on a higher plain.

  7. I was sleeping one night, Suddenly I saw in my sleep I was standing in front of my entry door and when I pushed the door in my sleep it was open not closed and within a second I came out of my sleep and checked the entry door and to my surprise it was open and then I closed the entry door. To my surprise how can I check the door when I was sleeping. It seems I repeated the same action twice. Can you guys explain? I was 40 years old then.

  8. Wayne, Have you read any of Michael Newton’s books? “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.” If not, I’m sure you would enjoy them.

    I realize I’m responding to an old post so maybe you’ve mentioned him elsewhere in your blog.

    BTW, I love your little van.

  9. Yes, people do have souls. Do some people not have souls? Probably. The criminality and anti-social behaviour exhibited by some people indicates a lack of a soul. The horrors exhibited by entire civilizations in the past show that perhaps whole groups of people can lack a soul. Hitler certainly could not have possessed one. If he did, his is burning in the pits of hell for eternity.

    The Buddhists probably have the best interpretation of a soul and the meaning of it. A soul undergoes rehabilitation until it achieves Nirvana. At this point, it goes to heaven. Reincarnation of the soul is likely. Few of us have achieved the spiritual perfection to go to Heaven. Yet, it would be cruel and a waste to send an unproven soul to hell. Reincarnation is a logical progression. I personally believe that humankind is an experiment by a higher civilization to create an ethical and spiritually perfect race of people. Souls are inhabitants of this civilization and are sent to the earth to experience a life cycle. If they become evil and hurt others, the outcome may well be hell after death. If they are good and achieved good things here, the outcome may be heaven or at least another go at a life cycle. The ones who go to heaven need a perfect score card. Heaven is probably a planet, a hypothesis supported in the Bible, and is a place where a blessed soul is reincarnated into a child. Heaven may well be the New Earth, a place where we, as a good people, will be born into a place of goodness where evil has no place. This may all sound a little farfetched to people. But if you believe in a virgin birth and the dematerialization of Jesus’ body, then this may not be so farfetched. The new Pope has even embraced atheists into his fold and stated that even atheists may be welcomed to Heaven. So, a belief in Christianity may not be the only way to Heaven. So folks, be good and nice to your neighbor and charitable to the poor. The poor are not necessarily worthless beggars that the Tea Party portrays them to be. Hate should have no place in your heart.

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