Wisdom For Alms and Free Limited Prints

Boardwalk at Fern Forest

In an effort to help others get through what I’ve gone through, I’d like to offer to anyone who wishes it, free spiritual advice.

When I was a spiritual seeker, I would have loved to find someone qualified to answer my personal and unique questions. It would have made my search so much easier. But none of the teachers that I respected offered such a service.

I want to fix that.

I had thought of this idea months ago–when money gets really tight and I find myself on the streets, I’ll stand at a busy intersection with a sign that reads, Wisdom for Alms. Maybe wear some long robes and a shaved head.

So before it gets to that, here’s a virtual, and much more effective version of it–Wisdom For Alms.

Promotion: Free Limited Prints

(Sorry, this promotion is over – ww)

The only way this is going to work is for others to hear about it. I can’t afford to advertise, so I’ll offer what I have:

For a limited time (if you still see this promo then it’s still active), in exchange for an article about Wisdom for Alms on your blog, a posting to a forum, or the PUBLIC portion of your Facebook page (so non-friends can see it), I’ll send you a free 4 x 6 limited print of your choice. You must be the author of the original post (a post please, not just a link, but a paragraph or two) and you must provide a link to the Wisdom For Alms page ( http://waynewirs.com/wisdom-for-alms/ ).

Ideas on your post: What you like about this blog, my message, my photos, what I’m trying to accomplish, what you’ve learned…

Send me the URL of your post with your mailing address and the print you’d like (4×6 size) and I’ll mail you the print in gratitude.

Hurry, I reserve the right to remove this promotion at any time.

Unfortunately, tweets on Twitter, though I’d be very grateful for them, can’t be tracked effectively, so I can’t offer the print in those cases. But I guarantee HUGE positive karma points for Wisdom for Alms tweets–I mean really, free spiritual advice from a “newly-minted enlightened guy” (thanks Kirtanman) has got to be Tweet-worthy.

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  1. Will Guide for Food

    Tao’n On My Luck

    A Penny For My Thoughts

    (in the voice of Billy Mays) . . . BUT WAIT, THAT’S NOT ALL – ORDER NOW AND YOU’LL RECEIVE A SECOND BLESSING AT NO COST (plus additional shipping and handling)

    Sorry Wayne, I don’t do serious well

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