A Reality Check


Many people get truth and reality confused.

Reality is what is happening right now.

Truth requires a mind—it requires thoughts.

Reality just is.

The past isn’t real since it requires a mind to remember it.

Your past isn’t real because it requires a mind to remember it.

Your past may be true, but it isn’t Reality… It isn’t real.

In fact, much of what you “know” of the world isn’t real.

How can you tell what’s real and what isn’t?

If it requires thoughts to “exist,” then it isn’t real.

Look closely at this, and you’ll see just how much of your “world” is illusion.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning

Rocky In the Ocean in the Sun

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The first time I heard this phrase was last week when I cracked open a chinese fortune cookie. The second time I heard it was just this morning in a daily email from The Nonduality Highlights (a quote credited to Victor Frankl).

Does She want me to write about this subject? (Synchronicity implies an omnipotent Intelligence—an Intelligence which I call Her or She). Or does She want me to burn even more?

Both, I’m sure. You can always burn more.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. It’s a wonderful phrase and it supports one of my favorite sayings, “The difference between a smart man and a wise man is the wise man has scars.”

My problem with most “nondual purists” (see Today’s Dusty and Dry Nondual Teachers) is that most of them don’t carry the scars from having gone through the Burning. They are all intellect and no emotion. All mind and no heart.

Look at the difference between my focus and theirs:

I write of Surrender and of the Light and of the Beauty and the Flow and the Oneness and the Balance and the Feel (and of course of Her, always of Her).

Practically all they write about is self inquiry: “Notice this, notice that, notice what is doing the noticing….” They talk as if enlightenment is all in your head.

How sad.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The Light comes from burning away the intellect (see My Frog Master). From burning away the repressed emotions (see my Dark Night of the Soul). From burning away the resistance to Her (see pretty much all of 2010).

The Light comes from Surrender, from letting go and dropping into the Void. It comes from burning yourself up until you are Nothing and She is Everything.

The Light will never come from fantasizing you don’t exist.


It comes from burning…

Burning until you are Nothing, and She is Everything.

How I See the Light


PALM BAY, FL—A few days ago, as I was driving my mother to a doctor’s appointment, I commented on the profound stillness residing within an indigent-looking man, a man who was crossing the street in front of us. My mother asked what it is that I see within people, if I see auras or something.

This morning, I received an email from a reader, kim, asking for pointers on visualizing the Light during my guided meditations.

I interpreted these two incidents as Her way of telling me it’s time to explain how I “see the Light.”

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Being the Light – or – How To Practice Selflessness

Lavender Colored Flowers

Practicing being the Light is actually quite simple:

  • Step 1: Pick a selfless hero (ie: Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, etc.)
  • Step 2: Act like them.
  • Step 3: Notice that when you aren’t acting like them, you are acting selfishly.
  • Step 4: Return to Step 2.

An Update On My Personal Life

Old Branch in a Still Lake

PALM BAY, FL—I don’t want this blog to become just an “informational/teaching” blog like most nondualist blogs, so here’s what’s been going on with my life…

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Surrender and Spontaneity

Beach Sunrise

PALM BAY, FL—It is often said that sages (the enlightened) act spontaneously as events arise. Here’s the why of it—and how it feels to live this way… More below the break (huh?).

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