Re-Evaluating My Camper Options

Lone Tree on a Rocky Cliff

Though I am still in Palm Bay, FL, I am itching to get back on the road (but won’t until I’m certain my mother will be alright, and so far, so good).

I had pretty much decided on getting a truck camper—the type that slides right into the back of the truck. They don’t have much room—very little room in fact—but they can go anywhere a truck can go and that is very appealing to me.

But as Fate would have it—I mean Her—She had other plans in mind.

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Steve Jobs Quote

The Trail at Oscar Scherer

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. – Steve Jobs

… these things just fall away in the face of death (the Soul), leaving only what is truly important. Ironically, this is an excellent argument for living as a Soul. Why not live authentically? Why not live true to your being?

The Mystic’s Golden Rule

The Oregon Coastline

(From a work in progress)

The mystic understands her own version of karma. She knows any feelings of guilt will act as a barrier between her and her Beloved. She knows that any harm she does others, will come back onto her—in this life or some other.

While in the mysterious realm between lives, the mystic/Soul consciously chooses a life “weighted” with the same pain she has caused others. She voluntarily opts for this pain in an effort to deeply learn the lesson of her selfishness: That her selfish actions keep her separate from the Divine.

The Mystic’s Golden Rule is this:

As you do unto others it will be done unto you.

An Example Of How She Works Through You

Stairs To The Sun

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m writing a book I had no intention of writing.

When I started teaching, the entire concept just popped into my mind and, with little thought, I acted.

I just did what She said to do.

By taking on students, it became my responsibility to clarify the Soul Level and so I was compelled to write this paper, Mystical Oneness: A Brief Introduction To The Soul Level.

Now, for the students who are ready to make the Leap of Faith (vow to live as a Soul), I’m working on a new paper, Mystical Oneness: Adapting To The Soul Level, which will provide practices and guidance to the new life they’re about to embark on.

Thus the second chapter is being written.

Soon I will need to write the final(?) chapter in the Soul Level series: Mystical Oneness: Living as a Soul and a mini-ebook (min-ebook?) will be done.

This book is coming about all because I had made my own little “Leap of Faith” by listening to Her and taking on students without any clear plan.

I expect I’ll do the same for the Radiant and Oneness Levels.

My mind had another book in mind, but it looks like it will have to wait.

She has other intentions and I—having surrendered to Her—am bound to listen.

Wallpaper: The Less There Is of You-The More There Is of Her

The Less There Is Of You - The More There Is Of Her.

A wallpaper from the Radiant Level.

Click here to download the full size image for your computer wallpaper.

Right click. Save as Desktop/Wallpaper. Stretch to Fit.

Feel free to share with others.

What Enlightenment (Oneness) Feels Like

Purple Flower on a Prickly Plant

What does Oneness feel like?

Take your finger and touch the table in front of you.

Close your eyes.

Notice how the part of the table where your finger is touching feels like it is a part of you?

Imagine if all your senses felt that way… whatever they “touched” felt like it was a part of you.

In Oneness, everything in your consciousness—what you see, feel, hear, taste, and touch—feels like “you.”

Everything your eyes fall upon, feels like you.

It’s not a theory. It’s not something to be figured out. It’s not something at all.

It’s… just this.

At the Radiant level, you feel very thin, very tiny, very insignificant; and She—as everything else—feels vast and endless and boundless.

At the Oneness level, you and She merge.

Not you AND Her… only You.

Everything feels like You.

Everything is You.

You have known this all your life.

You just couldn’t feel it because “you” have been so… noisy.

Close your eyes and touch the table.

The Mantra of Oneness

Sunset on the Gulf

The Mantra of Oneness is just this….

That’s it.

“Just this….”

That wasn’t very helpful was it?

That’s why I teach living it rather than just figuring it out. Walking it rather than just talking about it.

What does Oneness feel like? What is it like when one tosses aside the theories and beliefs and conjectures and really walks in it?

My answer… in the next post.

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The Mantra of Radiance

The Light Behind

The Mantra of Radiance:

Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me).

The mystic, in surrendering control of anything, loses nearly everything.

He dissolves into Radiance.

The level of Radiance is the level of Flowing Love. The mystic surrenders his fight to be, to resist, to control. He surrenders all he has and all he was.

He gives up.

From the deepest part of his heart, he bows his head, opens his arms and surrenders: “I care nothing about my fate. Thy will be done.

If his surrender is sincere enough, She’ll hear. If he opens to Her completely, She’ll stir.

As he fades, She grows. As he ebbs, She flows.

The less there is of him, the more there is of Her.

Through the thin outline of his shattered self, She stirs. She grows. She radiates.

In his complete surrender to Her will, She shines forth and flows.

Like a river bursting through a crumbling dam—love and joy and gratitude pour outward.

(All articles in this series: The Mantra of Mankind, The Mantra of the Soul, The Mantra of Radiance, The Mantra of Oneness)

The Stream is a Beautiful Thing

The Stream

As of this writing, 15 people signed up for my offer while one dropped out leaving 14 students.

Though this is much more than I expected (two or three), it is still quite workable and I expect others to drop out soon (or be dropped due to inactivity).

The Stream

As this develops, I’m often surprised by the beauty of how this is unfolding.

For example: My first question to each student is to tell me about their spiritual background—what they believe, follow, subscribe to, or are drawn to.

Their answers, and every question or comment made by either of us, is stored in a private “stream” (in Google Plus) shared only by the two of us (the student and myself).

We—both of us—have access to this private, recorded history so that it is easy to talk on the same playing field. They know where I’m coming from (from this blog), I know where they are coming from (from their Stream).

One-on-one, targeted and informed spiritual guidance. You won’t find that at a satsang, class, conference, or retreat. It’s just not practical.

The Stream is a beautiful thing.


Another beautiful thing about the Stream is I can hold students accountable for their actions. Once the journaling phase starts, I’ll be able to use their beliefs, desires, and ideals against their egoic actions—their conditioned Mortal fears.

In other words—and this is what is meant by the guru being a mirror—I’ll be able to point out where they are not walking the talk, which is the key to true spiritual growth, and why I stress so much that you need to live as as Soul (or Radiance or Oneness) and not just talk about it).

Note to Students

This has come up a couple of times already, so I’ll answer it here. The way I use Google Plus is this:

  • I log in and click on the HOME icon
  • On the left, under STREAM, I click on the private circle I want to focus on (yours)
  • All conversations between me and you (since I only have one student per circle), appear in the main (center) panel.
  • Because I’m “focused” on your circle, I know that any comments or posts I make there go only to you (and vice versa).
  • You and I can review all our “history together” simply by scrolling down our Stream of posts.

Serious Spiritual Seekers Sought

Magic Marble On The Beach

I don’t seek to be famous. Authentic spiritual growth in a few students is far more important to me than repeating broad nondual concepts to a thousand readers/fans

I’m looking to take on a few (virtual) students—people who are serious about waking up.

If you are serious about your spiritual quest—and my message of Mystical Oneness (Mortal to Soul to Radiance to Oneness) resonates with you—then contact me.

  • No set fee. Entirely donation based
  • We’ll use a private circle in Google Plus to communicate one-on-one
  • You journal. I comment/guide

I’m currently doing this with one spiritual seeker and it’s time I take on a few more.

Are you interested?

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