The Meaning of Life

Wagon Wheel

Coe Landing CP, Tallahassee, FL—Let us assume for a minute, that what I wrote previously—and what mystics for thousands of years have been saying—is true. What then would be the meaning of your life—this life? What is your purpose here?

Between your last life and this life, something ripped you apart from your Beloved—some attachment to this world. How do you determine what that was?

The trick to finding the meaning of your life is to remember that you intentionally chose this lifetime because it holds the very issue that you are attached to.

How do you figure out what that attachment is? Simple, just determine how your life sucks.

What recurring issues have followed you around your entire life?

Do you have a lifelong…

  • recurring or prevalent problem?
  • obsession or compulsion?
  • unfulfilled longing or dream?
  • physical or mental handicap?

If you keep in mind that you chose this life so that you (as a Soul) could grow, then your “problems” can be seen as a form of education and your lifetime as a form of Wisdom School.

The trick though, is not in trying to fix yourself—fixing the “mortal” problem is just a bandaid solution and won’t fix your core attachment—the trick is to transcend your issues.

The trick is to learn to live in harmony with them.

When you live in harmony with Life, you are in want of nothing.

When you are in want of nothing, there is nothing left to pull you apart from Her.

What is the meaning of life?

To find harmony with Life.

Happy New Year.

Life and Death

Heron on a Still Lake

Coe Landing CP, Tallahassee, FL

I know a secret about you.

I know what you did.

Not so long ago—you died.

You died, you detached from your old, dead body and you dissolved into Her.

And She dissolved into you.

You/Her were One.

You/Her were Everything.

All was Good.

Suddenly though, you felt a desire, an attachment to your past.

That desire, that longing, created a feeling of separation.

That simple feeling of separation ripped you apart from Her.

You and Her became Two.

Feeling separate from Her was agonizing. It was heart-breaking.

And it was all your fault.

You realized that in order to become One with Her again, you’d have to transcend whatever it was you were attached to.

You chose a new life—this life—because it holds what you need to help you overcome the desire that ripped you apart from Her.

You became a human— “you” —and She became everything else.

I’ll let you in on another secret:

She wants you back as badly as you want Her.

Why I Pepper-Sprayed Myself

Window and Chimney

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL—While I was staying at Wickham Park, I heard of, or saw, four acts of violence (always on weekends, always due to drugs or alcohol).

How does a Man-of-Her deal with violence? How does one handle “God forgotten” moving through Man?

My answer below the break. (Huh?).

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The Solitude List

Beach Stairs

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL—I made a list today.

In solitude, I want to:

  1. Refine my teachings
  2. Write Mystical Oneness
  3. Die into God/Her
  4. Contemplate the implications of God/Her
  5. Get in shape

Though I’m spending most of my time hacking out computer code, numbers 3, 4, and 5 resonate with me (though I have to admit I’m not thrilled about #5).

Feeling God

Spring Water. Red Leaf.

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL

The Key to Radiance is Love.

The Key to Love is Connection.

The Key to Connection is Commonality.

Stare at an object. What do you have in common with it?

What do you have in common with any object?


You share the Stillness.

From the Stillness, feel the connection.

From the connection, feel the Love. Feel the movement of Love… Radiance flowing forth.

Radiance is Love.

Radiance is God moving through you: alive, grateful, and celebrating in Herself.

Look at an object.

Feel the Stillness. Feel the Love. Feel God Herself.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

The Hop and Squat Shuffle

Two Turkeys

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL—After a long meeting with the guy I write software for, I decided today to do the hop-and-squat shuffle: Make camp for a week or two, write lots of code, move, repeat.

My westward migration will be slow going, but at least it will replenish the coffers.

Officially On The Road Again

Juniper Springs, Ocala NF, FL

Juniper Springs, Ocala NF, FL—My home is in the middle of the forest in the middle of the state. It’s a very quiet camp.

I’d like to stay here about a week or so to get some work done and generate some income, but with the tall trees I’m uncertain if my panels will see enough sunlight.

The last three days in Melbourne have been rainy and overcast and my battery banks are down 10%. Depending on the light and the shadows, I may have to move to a more sunny area.

Still, it is beautiful here.

The Pull


I’m considering pausing all my teaching stuff: the students (down to only six), the Wisdom for Alms, the teaching-type posts, maybe not even answering comments—temporarily making this blog more of an online diary rather than a back-and-forth communications forum.

I’m pulled to delve deeper.

In my video The Hourglass of Enlightenment (recorded, ironically, almost exactly two years ago), I mention—rather off-handedly near the 6:50 mark—that I suspect that there is another “room” below the one I had found myself in at the time of the video. I find myself drawn to that “other room” now.

When the personal self falls away, you fall through the “neck of the hourglass” into enlightenment, but when you start to delve into the mysteries of Will and Synchronicity and Miracles—machinations without a personal “doer”—you seem to fall even further, into a world of “Divine Happenings.” It is toward those depths that I feel drawn.

I guess you could say that—unlike the Implications of the Soul and the Implications of Synchronicity—I feel pulled into looking even deeper.

Deeper into the implications of God Herself.

Becoming One with the Divine


I write a monthly column for Horizons Magazine. Usually I just take a blog entry and clean it up. This month’s issue is for the new year, so I wrote it from scratch. It could have been titled, Enlightenment for Mystics, but I went with the above.

The body of the article below the break (huh?).Read more…