A Reality Check


Many people get truth and reality confused.

Reality is what is happening right now.

Truth requires a mind—it requires thoughts.

Reality just is.

The past isn’t real since it requires a mind to remember it.

Your past isn’t real because it requires a mind to remember it.

Your past may be true, but it isn’t Reality… It isn’t real.

In fact, much of what you “know” of the world isn’t real.

How can you tell what’s real and what isn’t?

If it requires thoughts to “exist,” then it isn’t real.

Look closely at this, and you’ll see just how much of your “world” is illusion.

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2 thoughts on “A Reality Check

  1. Do you still recommend awareness of Past Lives to integrate our identity as a Soul in this present moment?

  2. @Joson: I do… if you believe or are open to reincarnation. The reason is that past lives help prove the reality of the Soul which is a key step in my method. If one doesn’t believe in past lives (atheism or traditional western religion), then I encourage them to research reports of pre- and post-life consciousness (see this post for a start).

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