A “Start Here” Primer on Why I’m a Mystic

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It’s incredible people like you with all this bullshit, speaking of oneness and still saying “me,” “my,” “I.” If there is only oneness how can you talk about past lives? It’s all about the money and it’s a shame. – Mario M.

In response to the above email, I wrote this Start Here page. Please let me know if it isn’t clear.

PS: Thanks Mario.

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3 thoughts on “A “Start Here” Primer on Why I’m a Mystic

  1. Hello Wayne
    I have been following your blogs for some time now and am always grateful for your sharings. I hope you dont mind me asking you questions (they might cover the same ground sometimes) i just want to get a better understanding of where your coming from .
    You say life has a purpose , a will and that its love.. and that(correct me if i mis interpret u) there are no lessons to learn,life is not a training ground or a school everything is in perfect order and we are all(at a oneness level) the one soul(HER) with our individuated aspects being lived so to speak by her…so really in the big picture there is no free will.
    So my ponderings are if i have interpreted you correctly… why a lifetime of trials and tribulations of learnings and earnt wisdoms of expressed unique gifts and talents… if it all was a pointless exercise save it being for returning to “her” when we were apparently her to start with ???
    Why be given challenges to seemingly rise above yet it appears your advocating there is nothing to figure out no gifts or wisdom to be gained from analizing what is presented to us..to basically give no credit or functionality to our minds(apart from day to day computing) but rather to just fully experience whatever is presented to us and not contemplate what its trying to tell us ??
    I think my core issue with ” oneness ” is that it seems to negate uniqueness.. i know that sounds ego orientated.. but it implies my whole story(all my challenges that i rose above) were for naught if God or “i ” had nothing new to learn or experience.
    Also the individual is always at the centre of his/her universe,,we may FEEL connected to another(when i,m with my Daughter it certainly feels like there is no seperation of presence) but we can never literally look out of their eyes, or observe from their awareness so that fact leaves oneness still just a theory to me.. I can see God working through the other so that is what keeps me intrigued about the oneness suggestion, yet i can never verify my “I am ness ” is exactly the same as your “I am ness” so i cant close the deal. I,m left in seperatesville.
    Anyway just some of my ponderings…
    Peace Always

  2. @Daniel:
    – At the ONENESS level, everything is perfect. At all the lower levels, no, there is still work to do.

    – Free Will: At the Mortal and Soul levels, you still THINK you have free will, and that pretty much means you DO have free will. At the Oneness level, no, no free will, it is all Her. At the Radiant level is where you deal with the whole free will issue. The more you surrender to Her, the easier (an even magical) you life becomes. The more you resist Her (trying to exert free will), the more miserable your life becomes.

    – Only at the Oneness level does the identity completely fall away. All levels before it, you have an identity. This identity ultimately is an illusion, but so what? The Soul level is far superior to the Mortal level and the Radiant level is far superior to the Soul level. Take your time. If I had to do it over again, I doubt I’d ever leave the Radiant level (which may explain why I spend so much time there). Oneness is really rather dull in comparison.

    – Don’t THINK it so much. Do it. Live as a Soul. Forget all the other stuff for now. LIVE as a Soul, don’t just think about it.

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