Acting Enlightened. Part II: Grinding Down the Walls

Tree and Rocks at the Grand Canyon

Reason #1: Acting enlightened makes waking to Oneness much easier.

If you’ve followed my blog over the years, you know that, upon waking up, rather than experiencing a life of bliss, I was overwhelmed with a life of trials (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5). So many trials that Randy the Mobile Codger once compared that phase of my life to that of the biblical Job. Almost all my challenges were the result of old, deeply conditioned reactions and thoughts which just didn’t play well with my new Oneness perspective (resistance to Reality). Every time a me-centric habit, thought, or action popped up, it was summarily pounded down and violently squashed by the Oneness-centric Life. Pounded down over and over and over again.

To save yourself this painful anguish, I wholeheartedly suggest you start re-conditioning your me-centric ways ASAP.

More importantly than saving yourself a little spiritual bruising though, is that by applying the two “enlightenment values” to your life (next two posts) and acting enlightened will profoundly soften your sense of self, which in turn, will make shifting from level to level—from Mortal to Soul to Radiance to Oneness—much easier.

A “softer” you is much more pliable, much more adaptable, much more open to the ultimate surrender—and it is through surrender that we merge with Her into Oneness.

Tomorrow: Reason #2: Acting enlightened makes Life much more enjoyable for yourself.

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One thought on “Acting Enlightened. Part II: Grinding Down the Walls

  1. I resonate with the pounded down over and over. This past year has been a circus ride to soft me up for the kill.

    Love reading your posts, Wayne.


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