Acting Enlightened. Part III: The Carefree Life

Shoes on the Patio

Reason #2: Acting enlightened makes Life much more enjoyable for yourself.

When I woke up, I finally understood—deeply and truly understood—what Buddha meant by “Life is like a dream.”

In summary: There is no separation. All apparent separation is just the mind “boxing” the Oneness into categories and symbols. These artificial and purely mental “boxes” (symbols) make up the Dream.

But the Truth is there is no separation. Nothing dies. Nobody loses. Nothing is permanent. Everything is Me/Her/Oneness and all appearances to the contrary are illusion.

Enlightened Value #1:

Life is like a dream. There is no reason to take it seriously.

How to apply this value to your life (act enlightened):

Treat life as if it were a dream.

Nobody loses. Nobody dies. There is nothing to take seriously.

Play, enjoy yourself, forget about losing. Stop trying to win. Stop TRYING. Treat life like a dream and have fun with it.

Your conditioned thoughts and reactions will say otherwise, but this is EXACTLY why you are consciously treating life like a dream: to re-condition those thoughts and actions. To soften yourself. To make waking yourself up that much easier.

Tomorrow: Reason #3: Acting enlightened makes Life much more enjoyable for those around you.

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  1. So life (physical reality) is not a dream. The dream is in the mind as a mental creation of sorts. Just like what i’m doing right now with this questioning. hehehe

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