Acting Enlightened. Part IV: The Compassionate Life

Tiny Rose

Reason #3: Acting enlightened makes Life much more enjoyable for those around you.

When I woke up, one of the oddest feelings was that everything that I saw, heard, felt, thought, or otherwise experienced, felt like it was happening INSIDE of me. Everything felt like it WAS me.

That tree? Inside me. That cloud? Inside me. That person? Inside me. (Here’s a guided meditation to help grasp this).

Because of this core, newly uncovered feeling, I felt a raw and intimate connectedness with both everything and everyone. It is almost as if everyone I meet feels as if they are—what is commonly called—a soul mate.

This connection with others feels intimate. Not intimate with the romantic overtones, but intimate with that deep connected resonance that we experience in soul mate type relationships. That connection that makes soul mates feel as if they are a part of you.

Because of this profound, deep connectedness with others—because everyone feels like they are a part of you—Christ’s Golden Rule takes on a whole new meaning.

Enlightened Value #2:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you BECAUSE THEY ARE A PART OF YOU.

How to apply this value to your life (act enlightened):

Treat everyone as if they are your soul mate.

We are all One. We are all connected. We are all struggling. We are all in this together.

They may not understand you. You may not understand them, but—as when a soul mate feels right—this is the exact way to treat everyone. Treat everyone as if they are a long forgotten friend or lover, as if they are a long forgotten part of you.

More often than not they will react in a positive way. They will feel your openness and their conditioned defenses will start to drop. They may even feel grateful for your presence, honored to have met you or be around you.

Treating others as if they are soul mates will make them feel wonderful. It will enhance their lives.

Again, your conditioned thoughts and reactions will tell you otherwise, but this is EXACTLY why you are consciously treating others as soul mates: to re-condition those thoughts and actions. To soften yourself. To make waking yourself up that much easier.

Note: Synchronistically, here is an example of this in action, told from Andrea de Michaelis’ point of view, which is how I spent yesterday morning (bed shopping). This was our first, in-person meeting.

Tomorrow: Putting it all together.


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One thought on “Acting Enlightened. Part IV: The Compassionate Life

  1. That’s all great however to practice or achieve any of these one needs to first have a capable brain i.e. ability to focus at the bare minimum…reading of emotional feelings comes useful as well. Think of mental illness: schizophrenia, psycho or sociopathy, dementia or severe anxiety…What’s the use of enlightenment theory if it’s not universal…and it’s quite interesting how to ‘find the soul’ one needs to possess the physical abilities first.

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