Acting Enlightened. Part V: Acting Enlightened

Horse in the Desert

How to Act Enlightened:

  • Guiding Principle #1: Treat life as if it were a dream.
  • Guiding Principle #2: Treat everyone as if they are your soul mate.

There is no separation. There is nothing to take seriously. Nobody loses. Nobody dies.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Use your fears and worries and your seriousness as Life’s little reminders that these are just your CONDITIONED reactions. See them as forms of controlling, of clinging, of trying to win. See them as burdens and let them go.

Let go, surrender and soften.

Live carefree. Live alive and joyous and happy because Everything is You and You are Everything and all separation is illusion.

Don’t force yourself to be happy, just open up to Life and all Her beauty and wonder and splendor.

Feel Her. Caress Her and allow your joy to arise spontaneously.

Open to others. Treat each person you meet as if they were your soul mate. Know that they don’t recognize this and love them all the more for it. Be kind to them because ultimately they are You.

Open yourself to them and watch as they open to You.

Temper your freedom (#1) with your compassion (#2) and all of Life will be your playground, your guru and your teacher.

Surrender to Her and She will become your Friend, your Lover and ultimately Yourself.

When you do wake up—when you recognize your inherent Oneness—you won’t have to act enlightened anymore because these feelings and values will naturally arise from your deepest core.

These “enlightened values,” these profound feelings of connectedness with everything and everyone, are what is truly meant by that beautiful concept that we call Love.

It's Time To Wake Up

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