An Unforseen Direction

Santa Fe Windows

SANTA FE, NM—I understand now why, after nearly three months of staying in hotel rooms, I wasn’t able to find either a place to live or an RV rig which felt right.

The other day I found out that my mother needs some additional work done on her bod. It’s not certain how badly it will affect her, nor how long it’ll take, nor how long I’ll be needed down there in FL yet (if at all), but there’s no sense in buying a rig until I’m certain she’s OK, and there’s no sense burning more money on hotel rooms waiting around.

In retrospect, it’s good I didn’t sign a yearly rental lease on an apartment, nor find a rig that would just need to be put in storage for an indefinite period. She (the Big She) really does work in mysterious ways.

So tomorrow I’ll throw my bags in the truck and start heading back once again to the hot and humid climes that go along with the summers in sweltering central Florida.

With a little luck, maybe I’ll find some nice, secluded lakes along the way (there doesn’t seem to be a reason to hurry) and get some camping in. It’s always cooler by the water and I might as well get some use out of that nice topper (think built-in tent) that came with the truck.

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