Another Small Gathering

Stones In A River

CANTON, TX—A few days ago, before knowing for sure if I was heading to Florida, I had decided to take the truck for a long test drive to make sure everything worked as it should before getting a trailer, fifth wheel, or slide in camper. I was in Denver at the time and had thought I’d drive to Grand Junction, CO, but after reading this blog post, I decided to head to Santa Fe instead.

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In the post, Glenn mentions that he is planning on heading to Florida to help take care of his mother. In addition, he says Randy The Mobile Codger was in town. Because I too know Randy and I was probably heading to Florida for the same reasons as Glenn, I took these synchronicities as a sign (which is pretty much how I make most of my decisions these days) to take my test drive down to Santa Fe instead.

The next day I met up with Randy, a couple of his friends, and Glenn (who stopped in later and knew nothing about me). We ended up talking most the day on everything from spirituality, politics, the nomad life and everything in between. I’m not sure what the others got out of our talks, but a couple recurring themes kept coming up that resonated with me:

  • The One and the Many
  • Manipulation

A long story short (I’m beat because I just finished driving most the way across Texas), is that I realized I need to be more aware of the Balance: A balance between the levels—Body, Mortal, Soul, Radiance, and Oneness—(the One and the Many) and a balance between my fear of manipulating people’s beliefs versus helping them see my truth (I often find myself hesitant to interfere with someone’s karma (their Soul’s purpose)).

The day shot by and I had a great time. We didn’t part company until after seven that evening. In-person get togethers are so much more rewarding than conversations via email or phone—the whole vibe is different, more intense, more intimate. This is one of the most difficult challenges to the nomad lifestyle—something we talked about in depth: meaningful, heartfelt encounters with friends when your friends are constantly roaming around the country.

Still, it got me thinking about salons (the French kind (something I learned from this encounter))—gatherings that are more informal than a satsang, yet more purposeful than just hanging out.

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