Bad Things Suck

First Flat On 528

I bought a new home yesterday—a 22 foot 2006 Pioneer Travel Trailer.

While towing it back to Palm Bay, one of the tires blew.

I changed it with the spare.

Five minutes later the spare tire blew.

Ants bit the bejesus out of my feet as I disconnected the trailer and left it on the side of the highway.

I drove to the nearest RV dealer and they didn’t do tires anymore.

They referred me to a wonderful place though, Space Coast Industries, and they gave me a tire and hub (didn’t even ask my name).

I changed the tire…

and ants bit the bejesus out of my feet again.

I towed the trailer to Space Coast Industries and I’m having them replace all the tires.

The tires probably blew because my ball hitch is too low for the trailer, leaning the trailer forward and putting too much weight on the front tires.

A raised ball hitch is only $20 at Walmart.

I won’t get my trailer back until next week.

At the DMV today, it took me three trips to get my address changed and my trailer registered (post 9/11 bureaucracies hate nomads).

The DMV fees were $700 dollars.

It has been a very physically and emotionally exhausting two days.

My Point

Bad things happen to everyone.

If you take “bad things” personally, you suffer.

If you don’t take them personally, they are just painful stuff.

If you think you should always win, you suffer.

If you don’t think you should always win, “bad things” aren’t bad at all, they are just this.

All these events were physically and emotionally painful, but they weren’t personal. They didn’t happen to me, they just happened.

Taking things personally and making winning important are traits of the Mortal level.

They make your life suck.

Let go of the Mortal illusion.

Bad things happen.

Bad things are painful…

but they don’t have to suck

and you don’t have to suffer.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Things Suck

  1. This is exactly the lesson or experience that is happening in my life right now. I think I understand and “get” that there is not a personal me, and then something like what you just experienced happens to me and I automatically take it very personally. I go straight to the “pitty party”. This blog entry is exactly the kind of thing that has been tapping me on the shoulder lately to turn me around and see that things just happen, but they happen to know one!

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