Enlightenment and the Hot Water Heater

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Yesterday, my hot water heater stopped working. No spark, no flame, no gas flow. In trying to figure out what was wrong with it, I asked myself, “What happened between now and yesterday when I used it last?”

Unfortunately, a lot happened.

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Yesterday I had cleaned my fresh water holding tank (which requires a dump, a refill, and another dump). Could the hot water tank have been drained inadvertently in dumping the fresh water? Doubt it but…

I had dumped my other holding tanks which required a short drive to the dump station. Could the rough campground road have jostled something loose in the heater? Doubt it but…

It had rained like a mother that night. Could rain cause it to stop working? Doubt it but…

I had plugged into shore power (I was running the A/C because of the rain and humidity). Had I wired something wrong in installing the solar panels/battery/inverter/panel/switch? Doubt it but…

Anyway, I was busy with a software deadline, so I didn’t do anything about it (other than take a cold shower).

So what does any of this have to do with Enlightenment? Nothing really—but it has everything to do with the way it is nearly always taught.

Today’s teachers say, “Drop the ego and you’ll wake up.” The problem with that is there is just too much going on in between Ego (“Water heater work good”) and Enlightenment (“Water heater no work”).

There is just too much going on in a student’s life to make “dropping the ego” practical (was it the rain? the solar? dumping the tanks? …).

The way I teach—the Path of Mystical Oneness—“dropping the ego” becomes: See your Mortal conditioning (Soul). Let go of your Mortal conditioning (Soul). Stop taking Life so seriously (Soul). Stop trying to control (Radiance). Stop trying to win (Radiance). Surrender (Radiance). Feel Her (Radiance). Open to Her (Radiance). Now drop what little there is left (Oneness).

Big difference. Each step may take a few weeks or months, but each step is practical, understandable and most of all, do-able.

One huge jump (ego to enlightenment), or many little ones (Mortal to Soul to Radiance to Oneness)? Most of my students have seen a huge amount of growth in the short time we’ve been working together even though many have been spiritual seekers all their lives.

Simply put, today’s nondual teachers put too much in their students’ way.

One huge jump (ego to enlightenment) almost always guarantees failure.

Little practical steps? Huge progress.

And the water heater? Well last night, just for yucks, I flipped the switch and it kicked right on.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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