Evidence of God (Her)

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I’ve said before that synchronicity implies God/Her/An Intelligent Universe. A powerful example of “being guided” below the break (huh?).

A few days ago I was feeling quite clear (the less there is of me, the more there is of Her). While I was running some errands, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up some cardboard shipping boxes to pack my sister’s books in (I’m helping her move).

As I remembered this, I happened to be driving by a Walmart. Doubting that they carried these boxes, I decided to try anyway. As I was making the left turn across traffic, the cars in front of me clogged up the entry way, so I was forced to make a U-turn.

The U-turn brought me directly in front of a Home Depot, so I pulled in there to see if they had any boxes.

As I walked into the entrance of Home Depot (one of four entrances), immediately to my right—and obviously misplaced on a shelf of bookcase kits—was a bundle of cardboard “document” boxes which were the exact size I was looking for.

I took the bundle to the cash register but the cashier couldn’t find a price or UPC code on them. We walked back to where they sell their cardboard boxes and it turned out that they didn’t have that size in stock, nor even a bin location to hold them.

It was almost as if those boxes had materialized out of thin air.

Using the name on the bundle, “Doc Box,” the cashier looked them up on her computer which told her that they didn’t normally stock this size (though some Home Depot’s apparently do). She sold them to me anyway.

So to summarize:

  • I was feeling very clear (the less there is of you, the more there is of Her)
  • I needed a bunch of a particular sized cardboard box
  • I was barred from going into Walmart
  • I was “guided” into Home Depot
  • Right at the entrance (1 of 4), at the very first place my eyes fell (in a humongous store), were the perfect number of the perfect sized boxes that I was seeking
  • This Home Depot did not normally carry these boxes, nor did they have any explanation as to where they came from

In other words, out of the entire town of Palm Bay, out of literally hundreds of possible stores, I was mysteriously guided to, and given, the exact thing I was looking for, even when they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place.

So I ask you: How was such a bizarre series of events possible? How is it that these unusual events happen so often?

To me, synchronicity, especially extreme synchronicity as related above and here and here and here, acts as confirmation that there is an omnipotent intelligence who—when we surrender, when we let go, when we drop our selves—reveals Herself, guides us and touches us.

In other words, synchronicity implies a caring and loving God.

It is because of this intelligent, mysterious, caring and loving force in the universe (which at our deepest level IS us) which is why I call our true nature Mystical Oneness rather than enlightenment or nonduality (both of which sound so very dry and dead and empty and technical).

Synchronicity is evidence that the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.


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3 thoughts on “Evidence of God (Her)

  1. As you, I do believe in an omni-present universal intelligence, and the power of being in movement with it. I also believe that synchronicity and manifestation occurs when we allow ourselves to enter the flow.

    So congrats on a good flow day 🙂

    What we/this world needs are for more people to find and explore the natural rhythms that are occurrent around them at any given moment. I call it walking in Grace, many cultures, many names, all describing the same event provide the evidence of Truth.

    Now my grandchildren would ask, “ but did he ask Vera for a parking spot”, but then that is a whole new story. LoL

    Nice read thx

  2. @Doug: I was wondering if you would catch that. (@Everyone: Doc is Doug’s dog and we had once joked that Doug needed to make period piece field boxes for his civil war re-enactments (called “Doc’s Boxes”)).

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