Feeling God

Spring Water. Red Leaf.

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL

The Key to Radiance is Love.

The Key to Love is Connection.

The Key to Connection is Commonality.

Stare at an object. What do you have in common with it?

What do you have in common with any object?


You share the Stillness.

From the Stillness, feel the connection.

From the connection, feel the Love. Feel the movement of Love… Radiance flowing forth.

Radiance is Love.

Radiance is God moving through you: alive, grateful, and celebrating in Herself.

Look at an object.

Feel the Stillness. Feel the Love. Feel God Herself.

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling God

  1. is radiance that subtle feeling that comes with connecting with another? is it a suble emotion like say comradary or similar, not strong emotion but warm and soothing?

  2. @Tim: The feeling varies from what you describe above, to full out “In Love” (as in that feeling when you first fall in love).

    The more open you feel (the less there is of you), the more powerful the feeling of Radiance.

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