Finding Your Special Purpose

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I received an email via my Wisdom for Alms offer the other day from a young man, Chris, who has many fascinating interests and ideas. Lot’s of neat stuff, but who still doesn’t “quite feel… satisfied.”

Since his “plight” of an overactive mind is one I share, I felt compelled to respond.

Note 1: I am not including Chris’s original email to safeguard some very cool ideas which I suspect he may want to pursue as potential business ventures.

Note 2: Chris found my work via my old Quantum Entanglement Solved in Under 2 Minutes video, so my reply (below the break (huh?)), though still spiritual/mystical, is more “practical.”

Hi Chris,

While I usually offer advice and guidance on topics of Oneness/Enlightenment, I’m more than happy to share some thoughts on your situation as it sounds like we share the creative “muse.”

I too suffer from an overly active mind which manifests in powerful interests: The perfect nomad vehicle, living super simply, book writing, blog writing, photography, software development, scientific theories.

Just this morning, my mind told me that maybe instead of writing a long and lengthy book on Mystical Oneness, I should write a whole BUNCH of short ebooks and release them one at a time for a few bucks each. I honestly think that might be a good idea.

But will I act on it? I don’t know, but here is how I’ll decide: I’ll sit on it. I won’t do a damn thing on it but take notes. I’ll sit on it for at LEAST a week, probably two, and if I still like the idea, THEN I’ll work on it.

There are a couple key points here that may help you out:

  • When you have lots of ideas, take notes on them, but don’t commit to them right away
  • Try to break your projects down into small, less time consuming projects
  • Out of your list of ideas, wait for the one project to “bubble up” that really excites you—and continues to excite you even though you’ve “shelved it” for a period of a few weeks.

What you are doing is getting in touch with your “purpose.” You mentioned that, even with all these wonderful ideas, you still feel somehow dissatisfied.

That dissatisfaction comes from not knowing what you’re “here for.”

That period of waiting, of down time, of quieting, is where you hear your “truth,” (what I often call “Her”). Sounds mystical I know, but you also know that what I just said resonates with some part of you. Some part of you knows that there is a deeper meaning to your life. And it is through the down time, the quiet time, the “shelve it for a while” time that you can hear the whispers of your life’s meaning.

I’ve had many of these passions, but the ones that “stuck” (writing, photography, computer coding, spirituality) all aligned with my greater meaning—helping others FEEL enlightenment/Oneness.

The “pausing” will help you find those passions which stick, those passions which you’ll become an expert at, those passions which will eventually help support your “life’s purpose,” which, even if that purpose isn’t clear yet, will soon be once you start seeing where your “core” passions are leading you.

Be well.

If you found these words of use, please follow tradition with a gift of alms (donation). If you found nothing of use, simply delete this email and be at peace. (This text is placed at the end of all Wisdom for Alms emails)

Wayne (Wirs)


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3 thoughts on “Finding Your Special Purpose

  1. I believe this is called living in Dharma?….a sanskrit word that means “purpose in life”. Search “Deepak Chopra seven spiritual laws” for more on this. Thanks Wayne…I hope to meet you someday soon!
    Peace love and light!

  2. Thanks Art. I know my “what” (share Oneness), though I must confess I don’t know my “how” yet (teach, write, be), but I have faith that the “how” will make itself known in good time. 🙂 Take care.

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