Her Whispers or Your Imagination?

Two Leaves and a Stick

TALLAHASSEE, FL—In the last week, the topic of hearing Her whispers came up three times:

  1. Randy, Glenn and I discussing determining right and wrong.
  2. Reader Metta via a Wisdom For Alms inquiry about how to tell when you are hearing Her and when it is just your mind playing tricks on you.
  3. Andrea resisting an obvious prodding by Her.

More below the break…

It’s really pretty easy to know right from wrong, to know when you hear Her, or when She prods and guides you:

The instant you “hear” Her, you know something special just happened.

It is only after you start to second guess yourself that the doubts arise.

When you hear Her, your first reaction will always be, “Wow!” and an amazed sense of gratitude and honor.

If you don’t have a powerful reaction of surprise, gratitude, appreciation… then it’s probably just a fantasy.

When She touches you, you know it. You may doubt it later, but that’s just your mind trying to explain the unexplainable.

Look back at your initial reaction and you’ll know the truth:

  • Wow = True.
  • Hmm = False.

Your initial reaction, not your analysis of it, is your best indicator.

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2 thoughts on “Her Whispers or Your Imagination?

  1. Wayne: Enjoyed our all day conversation—rare, focused and fun–topics ranging across the map—especially appreciate the open, undefensive way you responded to a solid hour of “inquisition”. I think the most obvious “proof” of any philosophy of life is the richness of the personalities emerging from it. Smart, alert and playful inspires me.

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