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CHATTANOOGA, TN—Asheville makes sense. Its spiritual people would probably be receptive to my message of Mystical Oneness. There is beauty in its parks and nature and mountains. It has mild weather. It’s the closest thing to the Northwest that I’ve found in the East. It is relatively close to my family in Florida.

Asheville makes sense.

I drove through it, turned around and headed back out. It’s simply not where She wants me to be. (More below the break (huh?))

Before I left Florida, I commented to my mother about how I’m often asked to explain my behavior—my decisions to do irrational things—and I’m often at a loss. I can usually come up with an excuse why I do something, but its often just a bunch of words—sounds—to appease the questioner and make me appear sane.

The truth is: I “hear” Her and I act.

I hear Her whispers, “Get eggs. Stop here. Turn off the GPS. Walk down this alley. Turn around. Go west. Look here. Wait a few minutes. Go outside right now.”

She whispers. She points. She guides. She pulls. She nudges.

I try not to question Her… though sometimes I do. I hardly every know the why. Mostly I just do whatever She says.

The less there is of me, the more there is of Her and the more I question or second guess (or resist) Her will, the more trouble I get into.

When I fight the feeling I should do something, when I try to rationalize my way out of it—I immediately feel nauseous and quickly my life goes to hell.

When I listen to the whispers, when I surrender and follow Her suggestions—my path magically smooths out and events synchronistically fall into place.

How do you explain such irratonal behavior to a “normal” person? How do you answer when someone asks, “Asheville’s perfect for you. What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with you?

How do you explain that you don’t have the answers? That you just do things without any rational explanation?

How do you tell a normal person that you’re guided by what they would call God? That you see Her in everything?

How do you say these things without appearing crazy?

How do you make them understand?

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10 thoughts on “Her Whispers

  1. Hello Wayne.I’ve found that it’s best not to try to explain.Folks who need an explaination are looking for answers and when we no longer have any questions it appears to them that we are indeed crazy.

    “For those of you who have had the experience there is no explaination necessary,for those of you who have not there is none possible.” From “BE HERE NOW”.

    Take Care My Friend

  2. @Dave: Fine words. I guess there is no convincing “one line” answer. 🙁

    @Jeff: I will, Jeff. I will. 🙂

    @Doug: I was going to ask if I could crash at your place next Tuesday Wednesday night, but now I’m worried I’d wake up “across the street.” 😯 (Doug—most admirably—works with the severely mentally handicapped, one group of which is housed across the street from his place).

  3. I was going to mention about you being so close and not stopping – but I figured you had a plan. Of Course you are always welcome

  4. This is a very tricky situation. Wayne, be very careful. There are beings of all kinds of order and different levels of consciousness, without bodies, who would be interested in a blank mind with weak will. Very interested indeed. Usually they target mentally sick people and drug addicts (including alchoholics). But some spiritual seekers can become their target as well, if the combination of a blank mind and weak aimless will is provided.

    I have a couple of spiritual teachers and both emphasise that the Divine Mother does not like to boss us and to tell us where to buy our eggs. She directs us only for important spiritual decisions. Her interest is for us to learn to use our free will. That is Her big gift to us. Any entity that tries to boss you around for petty things is to be put under strict scrutiny. Do not surrender to a bossing will.

    Very likely, if you have been under this influence for long enough, you will ignore my words. I do not know what prompted me to write them really. I do not know you.

    Wishing you all the best.

  5. @Lilly: I’m not afraid of evil spiritual beings. 🙂

    There is only Her, all else is illusion (your spiritual teachers should have told you that, I’d like to know there names). Nothing to worry about because ultimately, there is no separation. Everything about “you” ultimately comes from—and is—Her.

  6. @Able: Hi Able, welcome to the blog. I had to re-read the post to make sure that I wasn’t saying I was looking for “receptive people.”

    What I was trying to point out is that I often do not have a “rational” explanation for doing the things I do, yet I am often asked to explain the reasons behind my actions. Hope that helps clarify.

    But you do raise a good point, and probably a big reason for many of these posts. I do feel compelled to help others see the benefits of letting go of their “mortal” identity and shifting toward a “soul” identity (or even farther). See The Benefits of Mystical Oneness and Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Fixing Yourself for some examples.

    I’ve learned the benefits first-hand, and I’m convinced that they can benefit anyone.

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