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PALM BAY, FL—A few days ago, as I was driving my mother to a doctor’s appointment, I commented on the profound stillness residing within an indigent-looking man, a man who was crossing the street in front of us. My mother asked what it is that I see within people, if I see auras or something.

This morning, I received an email from a reader, kim, asking for pointers on visualizing the Light during my guided meditations.

I interpreted these two incidents as Her way of telling me it’s time to explain how I “see the Light.”

More below the break (huh?).

What the Light is not

The Light I see is not auras. It’s not a glow or a color or an ethereal fire burning around people’s heads. It’s seen and it’s felt and it’s heard all at the same time. Vibration isn’t the word either. Vibration is too cold—too demeaning—in describing what I mean by the Light.

The Light is like Music

Music on the other hand, is a lot like the Light. When, during a cherished song, you close your eyes and you feel the harmony of the cords and reeds and horns and vocals and it enters your body and it stirs something magical within—it stirs your SOUL—and it radiates outward and it moves you to sway and to smile.

The Light is like Sunlight

The Light also feels like sunlight. When you stand outside with your eyes closed and you’re listening to the sounds of Nature and, right at that moment, the clouds part and the sun shines down and bathes you in Her warmth and your skin cries in pleasure and the birds chirp and the trees creak and the stream gently murmurs sweet, adoring secrets in your ear and your mind clears and death and birth and growth all merge together in a celebration—a dance—of Life and Divinity swirling in harmony and you suddenly feel one with the All. You suddenly feel home.

The Light is like Love

The Light also feels like love. Like the soft, warm, glistening light overflowing the eyes of your lover as she gazes at you after a passionate kiss. Like the look of caring and love streaming from the eyes of your dog he suffers with you as you suffer some tragedy or heartache. It is like waking in the morning to the gentle rise and fall of your lover’s breath as she sleeps unawares next to you, trusting you, safe with you, bonded to you. It is the natural, felt rightness of the connection which circulates between you and your lover when all inhibitions are dropped and you are each free to be yourself without judgment or games or worries or doubts and your love flows outward from each other and inward toward each other.

How I see the Light

The above is the Light in its purest. It is the bliss and joy and harmony of the awakened state. That is how I see the Light when there is little of me and all of Her. Her shining into—and out of—Her Self.

Now think of the different personalities of Music, of Sunlight, of Love. Think of music that is jarring or soothing or boring. Think of rainy, drizzly days, of crisp, clear winter afternoons, of a sunny beach. Think of a lover frustrated, or hurt, or happy, or afraid.

Imagine those things and you’ll know how I see the Light in others.

Imagine these things, open yourself up to them—to Her—and you’ll soon see how I see the Light.

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