How to Block the Light

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GAINESVILLE, FLDon’t want to see Her in everything?


Seriously: Just think. Any thought will do.

But if you really want to block out the Light… think self-centered thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “How to Block the Light

  1. Hi Wayne,
    At the times when I am fully present there is just THIS, with no awareness of the usual thoughts and programs that pass through the mind when I am less present. But when I am not fully present, the same mental stuff returns. It seems that even if I were to be present 100% of the time, those same old thoughts and programs would still be waiting to jump back in to the mind the moment my presence slackened.

    My question: In being present to THIS, are we just pushing our psychological issues to the margins of consciousness (literally, “out of sight, out of mind”) without doing some sort of necessary work on them?

  2. Hi Paul. My question to you is, being present to THIS, do you lose your big toe? or your digestion or hearing? I’m often telling people it isn’t about fixing ourselves, but about transcending ourselves. Just like your stomach is going to do what stomachs do (whether we’re awake or not), so too will the brain. The trick is to transcend our thoughts by not focusing on them.

    It probably wouldn’t have been as poetic to say “Don’t FOCUS on your thoughts” in the post above, but that is probably more accurate. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. I am aware that I am not the thoughts that I experience. So, given that knowledge, is it OK to let thought do what it does, and not to be concerned about it? (Actually, when I am fully present it is not possible to be concerned about it)

    I think my previous question supposes that we should experience some kind of progress along a spiritual path, and that the reappearance of the usual thought patterns is a sign of backsliding as opposed to progress. Of course, when I am present to THIS, there is no idea of progress or backsliding, so are they erroneous concepts?

    Thanks for your blog and responses, Wayne.

  4. @Paul: I first came across this when reading Ken Wilber (and since, many others) that there are many “lines” of development: spiritual, psychological, emotional, etc., and they all develop independently. So you can be very advanced spiritually, but still have “issues.” 🙂

    So to answer your question, no, you don’t need to “solve all your problems” in order awaken — and when you do awaken, you won’t be bothered by your “issues” any more than you’ll be bothered by a hang nail on your big toe. In fact, pretty much everyone says it takes quite a bit of time to adapt to this new way of being (I’m still going though it, but you can really see my confusion in blog posts under Adapting To).

  5. That makes sense. I am aware of (and have met some) spiritual teachers who seem to have deep insight into the way things are, but have serious personal failings when dealing with others. So although awakening means that our issues won’t cause us sleepless nights, it does seem that awakening does not excuse us from working on them.

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