How to Use the Light

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(WOO WOO WARNING: This post is too “New-Agey” for my rational mind—but I’m stuck with the damn thing. Feel free to skip this post if you’re still attached to an analytical brain.)

PALM BAY, FL—Last Tuesday, early in the morning, I squeezed my mother’s hand and gave her a kiss as they wheeled her into the operating room for a five and a half hour surgery… More below the break (huh?).

Two hours later, at exactly 9:17am, I felt an overwhelming fear, not my own, but my mother’s. You know how when you see someone who is deeply frightened and you feel a sort of dark movement vibrating inside your own body? Same feeling, just more so.

From the Radiant Level, one of the cool things you can do with the Light is shine it into others. I had hoped I’d be able to heal others with it (the ol’ Messiah Complex), but my track record is so spotty that any successes I’ve had were probably just coincidental. But when I do shine the Light into others, I often feel their soul’s “nature”. 😯 I don’t know any other way of explaining it. I just get a very clear insight into their “essence.” Works on the history of inanimate object too, but that kinda freaks me out.

Anyway, a little after nine in the morning, two hours into her surgery, I had this powerful feeling of danger emanating from my mother. I closed my eyes and sent the Light outward, probing for her. What I saw is that her soul had contracted down to the size of a (glowing) pencil and was trembling over the top of her spine as the surgeons cut and hacked and pulled and cauterized the organs of her body.

I knew that it was getting too tough on her, that she was getting ready to book and head down that long, dark tunnel to the Big Light in the sky and instinctively I (somehow) entered her body and cradled her soul in my own Light in the same way a parent will scoop up and cradle their child in a house fire. I had never thought about something like that, it was just an instinctual reaction.

I stayed sitting there in the waiting room with my eyes closed cradling her soul in her body in the operating room until I felt the danger had passed about twenty minutes later.

I stood up and was surprised to find that all my worries about her “making it” though the surgery had vanished. Completely. Not a single one. Not even a speck of doubt. They didn’t come back either. I just knew (as irrational as that is) that she’d be alright.

And she was. Is.

PS: I’d like to say I’m comfortable (and not the least embarrassed) with the “magic” that goes along with the Radiant level (see TBOMO)… But I’m not.

As Oneness, as Radiance, as Soul, I’m fine with it. As Brain (Man), I can’t stand it. But in this case, I’m grateful for it. As they say in the Army, there are no atheists in foxholes.

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5 thoughts on “How to Use the Light

  1. I was so overwhelmed with your story. Don´t quite see why you would feel embarassed with such a radiant episode of pure light but I was never in the Army …. Best wishes for your mother’s recovery.

  2. I’m upset you didn’t tell me about your mother’s surgery. I’m glad all is well; and I’m sure you make a fine nurse.

    “I don’t know any other way of explaining it. I just get a very clear insight into their “essence.” Works on the history of inanimate object too, but that kinda freaks me out.”

    The inanimate objects do freak him out. In my hobby I collect various antiques and the things he told my about them agreed with what I knew about the items – so I have to assume the other things he told me about them were correct. (I have a Civil War sword that I had to put in the garage, during his visit, due to it’s “bad vibes”)

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