I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

Little Stones Up Close

FERNDALE, WA—After crisscrossing Oregon and the coast of Washington the last few day, I’m seriously leaning toward going back to the nomad life, I realized I just love too much. I love the ocean and the coastline and the mountains and the forests and the deserts and the cities and the towns and the open plains. When you love everything, how can you be expected to pick one thing?

Picking just a single spot to live seems so… permanent. Yuck.

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

  1. I know how you feel Wayne. I myself needed a base, a place where my mail would come. Few attachments but I have children and grandchildren and so I rent a very small little cave in Naples which allows me to go wherever the spirit leads me….I love it all too. Imbibe it all; until I am a moonbeam I do require some basics on the physical plain but there need not be any real attachment to them except that occasion piece of toilet paper that sticks to my butt. hahaha

  2. “I love everything”—–Well said Wayne—I know how you feel—3 days ago I was in “paradise”—supremely happy—-then I had the urge to move—Now I’m in a new paradise. I love this mobile life. Sometimes I have a fleeting regret that I don’t believe in God because I don’t have anyone “up there” to thank. But then I turn to my companion and say: Isn’t this wonderful? And she replies “Yes”! It’s almost as good. And now I complete the urge to appreciate by telling you.

  3. @Andrei: Who is the mind. 🙂

    @Jim: Now that’s what I mean by feeling life. 🙂

    @Randy: Thanks Randy—and thanks for all your helpful nomad advice. I’m sure I’ll be picking your brains again soon. 🙂

  4. Wayne,
    I am sooo happy I found your blogs…another nomad on the way to Heaven.I once asked Her for a little place in the forest, in the desert, by the ocean and the convenient urban cave once in a while…well my wish has been granted and as you, I stay no more than 3 months in one spot. When mind urges me to get something permanent, I look for it and at the last moment I feel the NO from her so strongly that I walk away feeling the anything permanent loses its appeal as soon as I consider it a permanent place to stay. Ten years as a nomad, mobile and renting in between is the greatest Life I always wanted, specially in my “solo” way, much, much better than chained down.
    My favorite spor for desert wilderness stay is Borrego Springs, Ca. in case you are going that way. It is beautiful and plenty of free dry-camping areas.The little town has all necesities, good library with WiFi and a State Park for showers, laundry and dumping/water. Maybe one day you will list your favorite free camping spots, it would be great for us van dwellers.
    Thank you so much for your sharing and your fresh approach to the Awakening process…I am enjoying my version of awakening and receiving more and more every day.
    We are the Way, the Life and the Light. Namaste

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