Let Go

Natural Peace

The only time you lose is when you are trying to win.

When you lose, you suffer.

Let go.

DO but don’t strive.

To reveal your inborn Peace—a Peace arising from your deepest essence—let go and surrender.

Stop trying to win.
(Inspired by previous post)

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3 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. I love the peace of surrender.Seems peace is a hallmark trait of being in flow as is all those other qualities like love,joy,grace..etc Also seems any sort of resistance creates suffering. For instance Its only becoming apparent to me at this point in my life how much wanting things disturbs my peace.Wanting hurts… wow its subtle but its a biggy when you really feel that peace being less audible within you should you take the bait of your mind.
    I agree with abraham /hicks that it seems any sort of struggle-ing means your canoe is pointing upstream.. For me it leaves me the option of either changing my thoughts about whatever is creating struggle in me OR as Mc Cartney so elequently put it to just…let it be.
    Either the end goal being to lose resistance .
    Thank you Wayne for your blogs and i love the photos.
    I always look forward to your sharings.

  2. PS when i say let it be… for me that means being present with whatever the disturbance..hearing it out..giving it the space to exist(un conditional love) but without putting a story to it. Dis engaging from the mind .

    • Daniel, you’re right that surrendering to whatever is in the moment is the way to get what is required for you in the moment. The Universe knows what we need better than we do. Aloha, Aliman.

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