Letting Go of Control

Leaves of Grass

To progress spiritually, you’ve got to let go.

When you let go of the Mortal, you become the Soul.

When you let go of the Soul, you become the Light.

When you let go of the Light, you become the Oneness.

Each time you let go, you feel more expansive, happier, freer.

Happy, Calm, Free, Bliss, Joy, Love, Openness—these are the feelings of surrender, of letting go.

Tense, Afraid, Worry, Doubt, Anger, Stress, Tightness—these are the feelings of control.

Is control worth it?

Is getting what you want worth the mire?

Is holding what you have worth the bondage?

It is oppressive to contract into the Human.

It is liberating to expand into the Light.

Why resist the Truth?

Is control worth it?

Try it. Try it for a day.

Just say, “OK,” to whatever Life serves up.

When your mind shouts, “I hate washing these dishes,” step out of your thoughts and feel Her loving caress in the soap and the water.

Let go of control, let go of your mind, and learn the joy of surrender.

See for yourself the Light within everything.

Let go of control and feel Her awaken within you.

It's Time To Wake Up

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Control

  1. i feel so full, yet light. like the perfect meal where you feel nourished and comfortable with breathing space and enough room for a perfect piece of dark chocolate.

    discovering your website this week, watching all of the videos in two days, perusing your writings, searching a phrase when in need, feeling that connection of knowingness, the nudge of gentle reminders…………..sheer joy. thank you!

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