Life Living

The Robin and the Holly

PALM BAY, FL—A recent encounter between flora and fauna in my parent’s backyard. The passion of Life living… More below the break (huh?).

The Holly Tree

She waited for Him. For twelve long months She waited. Though Her limbs were heavy with the weight of Her children, She patiently awaited His arrival. He would come. She didn’t know when, but He would come. He always did.

For the last month She had clung tightly to Her children, both fearful and excited, knowing Her moment was near. For a month She anticipated His appearance. Days and nights of mist and rain and cold and clear. She waited. She could feel His presence. She could feel His need.

As the night fell away, as the morning sun rose, He swooped down upon Her. He surprised Her, engulfed Her, overwhelmed Her. He stripped Her naked and satisfied His lust with Her. With each kiss, with each nibble, She swooned.

Hour after hour after hour he ravaged her. As the day declined, so to did His hunger. As the last of the light faded, so did He.

A day of passion. A day of need. A day of giving and taking and beauty and love.

Darkness balances light. As night fell, He fled.

No tender words spoken, No goodbyes whispered. None were heard—none were expected.

Sated, naked, and exhausted, She rested contently… as each of Her children were borne aloft, carried away in tiny bellies, as the robins flew north.

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