Living Without Me

Wgwirs 2011 08 02

When I woke up, I lost the sense of self.

When I lost my self, I lost my self-centered desires.

I lost my self importance.

All that is important to me is to help others.

It’s not a heroic or selfless thing.

It’s simply what is left when the self falls away.

Day-to-day, I flow in Her currents.

I do what She wants me to do—go where She wants me to go

It’s easy if you know how.

Surrender your will.

Forget about winning or losing.

Swim with Her, not against.

Act when She impels you to act.

Do what She asks you to do.

Forget your self—you’re not important. You aren’t even real.

Surrender your self and you’ll be free.

Surrender your self and you’ll find that all that is left…

Is Her.

Her as You.

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9 thoughts on “Living Without Me

  1. Thank you. This is somewhat similar to what i expressed to a friend of mine yesterday morning, after having watched a couple of your videos the day before (by his suggestion). Yesterday there was a contentment happening that did not feel personal (in the usual sense)…. and there was no ‘other’, either. Within it there was a decided lack of personal will, or desire, or fulfillment. It was just an is-ness; a peacefulness, not related to any form. There was not even an effort of letting go, or allowing, or becoming open. There was also no effort to ‘not choose’.
    I described to him (in an email) how it felt during the experience, directly as it was occurring. I will be sharing this with him as well.

  2. Thinking about this…
    Where is the line between OBSERVING the self so it doesn’t get out of control and simply choosing not to be concerned by its demands?

  3. Thanks David, Ajay, Mary Ann, Michelle, and Paul.

    @Mary Ann: Yes, the peace and is-ness is what is left over after all the noise of the mind stills. It is our natural state.

    @Michelle: Ironically, it is the “trying” that creates the “line.” There is the observing (but no controlling). There are no concerns when demands are dropped. It is almost like the observer is still. Like my response to Mary Ann, and in the above post, “It’s simply what is left when the self falls away.” Just try to open up and allow. Surrender to Her, allow all She/Life reveals to be without trying to change it and you’ll recognize yourself as the openness in which all arises.

  4. While ‘observing’ many a times I reached a stage when it becomes very scary. It is almost like committing suicide. I pull myself away from that stage and go about doing my regular chores. Over a few years I found that I can reach that stage quite quickly and effortlessly but my fear remains and I pull myself away.

  5. @Parthipan: I know what you mean. That is why I put such stress on Surrender.

    Surrender doesn’t mean, “I give up as long as I get this and this and this.”

    Surrender means, “I give up. You win. Do as you will. Thy will be done.”

    And yes, that is scary.

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