Love is God

Flower and Bristles
The Religious: “God is Love.” (“I want to know Him, but He is separate from me.”)

The Radiant: “Love is God.” (“I feel Her. She moves through me.”)

“God is Love.”

“Love is God.”

Do you see the difference?

No one needs to teach you about God. No dogma is required. No reading, or research, or middle-men are necessary.

You have always known Her.

Anyone who has ever loved… knows the true nature of God.

PS: After writing this, I cracked open a fortune cookie: “When seeking the Light, ignore the reflections and go directly to the Source.”

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3 thoughts on “Love is God

  1. Thanks Wayne so true
    What a wonderful thing to really grasp that the nature of the universe ,of the driving force behind all of life is one of love and goodness THANK GOODNESS !! …and i do everyday.

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