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CHATTANOOGA, TN—I received a Wisdom for Alms request the other day from a reader with a Christian background. In answering his inquiry about making the Leap of Faith (the transition from Mortal to Soul), I realized that my message (Mystical Oneness) may be more acceptable to the religious than I first suspected.

My reply to his inquiry below the break (huh?).

Hi Rod,

I was never a religious person, nor would I consider myself one now, but the event which “pushed me to the edge” was when I recalled a profound and unexpected memory from a past life while reluctantly participating in a breathwork session (see The Implications of the Soul). What helped me make the leap to LIVING as a soul rather than just believing it, was when I realized that past lives imply future lives (which implies immortality).

But you don’t have to believe in reincarnation to benefit from LIVING as a soul. As a man of the Christian faith, you almost certainly believe your consciousness continues after death. Or do you? It is very easy to have doubts, which is why I continued to research this topic. Please see my blog entry, Why I’m Not Afraid to Die: Evidence of the Soul. It’s a bit long, particularly the supporting documentation, but the evidence that we continue to remain conscious after death—personality intact—is quite convincing.

Please keep in mind that in order to take the leap of faith that I talk of, it is important not to just recognize that you are a soul, but to actually LIVE as if you are one. That is the first step, the most important step, the often overlooked step. Live as if you are immortal. Live as if life continues on after death. Live as if this human life is but a moment in your eternal life. In this sense, I suspect most Christian mystics would agree with me: LIVE as a soul.

This takes practice, but thankfully, Life presents us with plenty of practice (fears). As the fear of death fades, so also will almost all other fears. All things in mortal life will be seen as temporary. Each time you see your loved ones you will be will filled with joy, and each parting (because it may be the last) will be a reminder of how much you cherish them.

With the release of fear comes the release of control. Control comes from the fear of outcomes. The need to control, the need to make things happen, will quickly fade and this is where the next step, the level of Radiance starts to bloom.

But we needn’t get ahead of ourselves. THE FIRST STEP IS CRITICAL: LIVE AS A SOUL. Get that down. The reason so many fail to attain enlightenment is because this step is omitted, completely missing, from most teachings. It is like trying to enter college directly from sixth grade. Some can do it, but most will fail.

Practice living as a soul. As Life challenges you and your fears arise, ask yourself, “As a soul, would I still be afraid of this?” Use the challenges in life and this inquiry to strengthen your faith. Let go of the mortal illusion and soon you will find the beauty of life lived without fear.

From there (living as a soul), enlightenment (Oneness) is relatively easy—you recognize Her (see Evidence of God), then surrender to Her everything that is “you” (the surrendering is what the Radiance level is all about). When “you” are gone, “you” realize that all you are, all you ever were, was Her… you and Her merge completely and Oneness is realized and lived.


If you found these words of use, please follow tradition with a gift of alms (donation). If you found nothing of use, simply delete this email and be at peace. (This text is placed at the end of all Wisdom for Alms emails)

Wayne (Wirs)

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