No Self Means No Self Motivation

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MISSOULA, MT—Self motivation drives practically everyone. But what happens when you have no self? What motivates you when you’ve seen through the illusion of “you?”

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I struggle with this issue—how difficult I find it to make personal, self-centered decisions—and this issue has become very apparent over these last couple of months as I find myself on the road with nothing to “do” and nowhere to do it.

More below the break (huh?).

Motives By Level

From the Mortal Level, we are primarily motivated by fear and pleasure.

From the Soul Level, we are motivated to transcend our divisive nature which separate us from Her.

From the Radiant Level, we are motivated to completely surrender our “self” to Her.

From the Oneness Level, we have no motivation simply because there is no other—only Her/Us as Oneness.

Shift and Adapt

Each jump from level to level requires two steps (each of which may last for years). The first step is to shift your identity, what you think of yourself as. The Mortal realizes they are really a Soul. The Soul realizes they are really Radiance. The Radiant realizes they are really Everything.

The second step is to adapt to this new realization. You live as a Soul. You live as Radiance. You live as Oneness. This step (no matter what the level) takes time and patience while Life acts as our mentor and training ground.

Adapting to Oneness

After the shift, comes the adapting. Ramana Maharshi, after his awakening, “lost interest in school-studies, friends, and relations.” Eckhart Tolle sat on a park bench for two years and “watched the world go by.” Adyashanti adapted to his new life for eight years before he started teaching.

I am still in the adaptation phase of the Oneness level. I seriously doubt there’s an end to it—but I’m confident it gets easier.

But that’s not my point.

What Motivates You When There Is No You?

Since, from Oneness, there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix, nothing to do in this always Perfect Now, I often write, speak and act from the Radiant level. From the Radiant level—where you surrender to the Will that moves through you—you act and react to what is happening around you at the present moment. You (She through you) act for others, not for yourself. From Oneness, there is not “other” to act for, so there really isn’t anything to “do.”

The Core of My Indecisiveness

The reason for my ongoing indecisiveness on whether to settle down (and where) or to get an RV and go nomad, is that there is no driving force to do anything because there is no “me” who needs anything. My Mortal mind (damn him) shouts, “Do it! Figure this out! You’re wasting time and money!” but I (centered as Oneness) just don’t care what happens to this body/life. This body/life is just not that important—it’s not me. This body feels like just any other thing, a thing that feels no different than anything/everything else.

From the Oneness level, since there is no “you” and there is no “Her” and there is no “other,” there is no motive. There is no need because there is no one needing and nothing lacking. From the Oneness level, there is simply no motivation.

Future and Present

I wish I had a nice neat “here is what you have to do to fix it” type of answer to the question of enlightened motivation, but I don’t.

In the Taos Incident, She said, “Do what makes you happy.” That is wonderful, completely-in-the-Present advice (and I use it often), but it doesn’t help for any future happiness type of decisions—ie: Will it make me happy to live in Portland? Will it make me happy to be a nomad again?—because those are based on manipulating the Present to achieve a particular future (the future does not exist in Oneness). In Oneness, there is simply no motivation to manipulate (change) anything.

Bear With Me…

From the Oneness, all “self” motivated options have the same “feel.” Get an RV feels the same as rent an apartment which feels the same as stay in this hotel until the money runs out. It all feels the same because, in Oneness, it all IS the same.

This isn’t a Radiance issue because Radiance always acts for others (She flows through “you” outward toward others).

It’s not a Mortal issue because there isn’t any fear behind it (it’s awkward and odd, but not frightening).

I guess it is a Soul issue, a why-I’m-here-in-this-particular-life issue. It’s a “Learn to live in Oneness or you’re going to come back again” issue.

It’s awkward and it’s odd and it’s just something I’m going to have to get used to.

So I’m learning (and blogging) as I go, and I hope you bear with me and understand that I don’t have all the answers and am just stumbling along like everyone else.



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12 thoughts on “No Self Means No Self Motivation

  1. “From the Oneness, all “self” motivated options have the same “feel.”” — Wow, that’s perfectly described. I’m still somewhat confused as to how to navigate without some kind of oomph and passion driving me. Currently in Vegas–which I don’t particularly adore, although it has been somewhat intriguing allowing things and places I once tended to categorize in the averted category (the whole “I like/I don’t like” fallacy). Yet there is not a strong impulse to leave as every other alternative at THIS moment feel completely equal. When that changes, then it changes I guess. I don’t have any answers either, just expressing appreciation for your sharing something that is rarely written about. Thank you.

  2. Wayne, how does ‘letting circumstances decide’ fit in for you.
    Having recently ‘buzzed’ on The Celestine series, it resonates with me that synchronicity and what you are ‘faced’ with can suggest a direction.
    just wondering…


  3. As Nisargadatta once said, there is no enlightenment because when it happenes there is no one there to BE enlightened. He was Dyers teacher btw. Only recently figured that out, Makes sense.
    The thing about Oneness is– if you are in it there is no self because self in an illusion to begin with. and if that is true then We or I can DO nothing. It is all genes and programming. We are objects, mere appearances in consciousness.
    This illusion of self-will that we get to choose is like voting in a one party system. Or the statement some wiseman made….”we are predestined to have Free Will. hahaha

    Oneness will plant you wherever it will or it will RV you, this psuedo-entity, this appearance, this shadow in consciousness. Enjoy the Ride my friend

  4. @Evelyn: Las Vegas. I’m originally from S FL so I know what you mean. 🙂

    @vince: Circumstances, the Moment, is pretty much how I “decide” most my moment-to-moment actions. See topic Synchronicity for some of the more “guided” events.

    @Jim: I’m in full agreement… rationally. 🙂

  5. ( : Reminds me of a quote from , of all things, a t.v. program I observed over 20 years ago…
    “The higher the fewer”… makes me smile and laugh every time I hear it. Just keep putting one
    beautiful foot in front of the other ( : Thanks for showing up every day !

  6. Hey Wayne,

    A job fell into my hands and I have an interview soon. It is funny how my mind stressed out after graduating college and how my being just knew things would work out. I “think” I am lazy for just being, but when something needs to be done bam there I go. Reality just works out in the end and if it doesn’t I am totally okay with that as well.

    It seems when we embody infinite potential there is natural tendency to just stay there. I suppose I am learning how this potential expresses itself, which is in everything I do. As you said there are no hierarchies to expression.

    Just go with it man. Everything happens because it was meant to happen.

    It’s time to be a model citizen and get a job. But hey this is no different than sitting on my ass all day.
    So whatever works lol.

    Metta to you sir!

  7. My question would be as it has always been.. Are we meant to achieve enlightment, if we already are? I have had long talks with my Reiki master about this very subject. She is experiencing that feeling of emptiness, where it matters not if she moves, or stays put, it is all the same. And if it is all the same what would be the point to live in this humanly form? Nothing brings her joy, as it is all joyful. All melting into nothingness. Neil Donald Walsh made it very clear to me years ago, that we are here to experience what we are not. That in our highest forms we are all beautiful and equal. But our souls desired the difference. It seems to me in our wholeness we were not grateful enough, wanting more, and in our separation of wholeness we look for wholeness. How are we to be truly grateful of this bodily form if what we seek is wholeness in spirit. And how are we to be grateful of being of spirit, if we desire the diversity of being in human form? If enlightment is what we seek, than it is only because we are not aware we already are. The key to me, is to integrate (everyday alchemy) Living in body form with eyes of spirit to be grateful we are whole, as man experiences spirit, and spirit experiences man. To me it is about finding happiness in everything we do, to be aware of our power, but to honor the power of the universe that brings us one step closer to integration. Where man and spirit become as one.. It is a oneness that far exceeds just the oneness of spirit.

  8. @Misty Dawn: Don’t let my experiences here (nor your Reiki master’s) discourage you. I have found the ennui to be a temporary phase (see more recent blog posts). For me, the key was to surrender to “Her” – the Intelligence behind everything (the less there is of you, the more there is of Her). In this surrender, the ennui falls away as you begin to “hear” Her whispers/will/influence. Then it is simply a matter of going with Her flow.

    I believe the ennui comes from too much focus on the Emptiness side of the enlightenment coin, and not enough on the Fullness. I also believe it to be a natural part of the awakening process.

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