Problems and Perspective

A Little Life in a Vast Field

Yesterday, I found out that my mother’s chemotherapy may take up to seven more months—seven freakin months. Maybe less, maybe more—the doctors don’t even know.

They are using a targeted, pill-form of chemo—milder side effects, but apparently a much longer treatment program. It’s not that anything new was discovered, it’s just that in all the visits and info and confusion, they never mentioned this.

The news dashed all hopes I had of hitting the road anytime soon.

So how does a Mystic handle deep disappointment? My answer below the break.

Smashed Hopes

So what is a Mortal to do? Get angry, feel helpless, hopeless, guilty, and depressed.

What is a Soul to do? Realize that—just as I have forgotten a thousand details of a thousand other lives—I will soon forget this too.

What is Radiance to do? Surrender, relax and have faith that She knows what She’s doing and has everyone’s best interests in mind.

What is Oneness to do? From Oneness—as the Tao Te Ching says—you do what needs to be done.

None of the levels fixes my (entirely selfish) disappointment, but each level transcends it in its own way. Each level provides a different perspective—a broader perspective.

The spiritual path is not a path of self-help—it is not about fixing yourself—it is a path of transcending yourself.

Note: Obviously there is a whole lot more to the “Mom’s got cancer” issue (the wonders and curses of modern medicine, constant doctor’s visits, emergency room visits, parents’ age, sibling indifference, 24-hour TV, hurricanes, errands, privacy, guest rooms, lumpy beds, homelessness, …) but in the interest of clarity, I focused on this one issue to demonstrate how all the spiritual levels perceive the same “problem” from different perspectives.

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10 thoughts on “Problems and Perspective

  1. Wayne,
    You know that I mean it when I say “my heart goes out to you”, even though it sounds so lame… I wish you a lot of (extra) strength and patience, be polite with yourself. Next time you give your mom a hug, please tell her that on top of her family circle there are people out there who root for her!
    Love always,

  2. Being human and a highly emotional being. I feel you. Pisces are empathetic creatures with very old souls. Full moon Sunday in Pisces. Intense waves of feelings. Emotion ocean. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you Wayne for sharing this example of how you are ‘living this’ in an everyday way; one that i think we can all relate to. It helps me to see it clearly anyhow. Yes, “She…has everyone’s best interests in mind”, and you will “do what needs to be done”…

  4. Well Wayne there are alternative modalities to consider in the way of treating your mother’s disease. Perhaps this forum opens that possibility to you and her. Consider for a moment including rather than choosing one for another. The homeopathic world has tremendous tools to augment this chemotherapeutic approach. Isotonix Chia Seed Liver Cleansing are just a few suggestions. A/C system when the filters are clogged the system backs up air. Likewise the toxic waste our bodies will normally rid itself of are stuck because residual waste due to –among other things–free radicals–are preventing the flow of the system.
    What we eat is critical in order to help right the system as well.
    You might want to explore this area and get on the road again.
    Modern Medicine has a very adversarial approach to solving illness–it’s a fight a war a battleground. What if we learned to talk to our enemies be-friend them understand them. Homeopathy for one takes this approach.
    In light and love

  5. @Jim: I was hoping that someone with some knowledge about Homeopathy or other alternative treatment methods would say something about it. Thank you.

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