Serious Mortals

The Blue Door

When living as a Soul—in order to keep from taking the ups and downs of Mortal life so seriously—you need only keep one thing in mind:

Soon, I’ll have forgotten all of this.

“Forgetting it all” may at first seem depressing, but if you truly live it, you will feel a profound relaxing—a mysterious opening—and a newfound appreciation of the Present Moment.

It's Time To Wake Up

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It's Time To Be Happy

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It's Time Let Go

My Dying WordsImagine I have only seven days left to live.
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3 thoughts on “Serious Mortals

  1. Wayne what does the picture represent?

    CORRECTION to orig statement:
    You DON’T have to just believe in a soul to know the truth of that statement. Very nice reminder!
    My spelling is … well its speaks for itself :o)

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