Seven Synchronicities

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LAKE GUNTERSVILLE SP, AL—Practically every day, whenever I’m in public, I’ll catch people doing a double-take at me. It usually goes something like this: Recognition then Confusion then Curiosity then the Leaning In then the Parting of the Mouth (as if they are going to say something) then the Change of Mind then a Pulling Away and finally four or five sidelong glances. It’s really kind of funny.

After yesterday’s synchronistic events (below), I should probably start encouraging them to talk.

I apologize in advance for how long this post is…

Synchronicity #1

Yesterday I got that double-take-curious-confused-push-pull thing while standing in line at a Piccadilly cafeteria in Chattanooga. This time however, the guy, Rod—not the Rod from the last post (Synchronicity #1)—was courageous enough to act on his instincts and said, “You’re not from around here are you?”

Synchronicity #2

I mentioned I was heading West, and, without a second of thought (which I took as Her talking, not him), he said, “Be sure to check out Santa Fe and Taos, NM.” (Taos is on my westward list, Synchronicity #2). I tested my theory (that it was Her speaking and not him) by asking what his favorite small town was and he had a very hard time with the answer, which confirmed my theory that She wanted me to check out Taos. (Edit: See The Taos Incident for what happened there.)

While moving down the cafeteria line, he told me he used to run a couple hostels and gave me some pointers of saving money on the road and finding cheap digs.

Since he was eating alone also, it would have made perfect sense to ask him to join me, but something said, “No” and so I sat alone and ate and contemplated Taos and what She might have in mind for me there.

At the end of my meal, Rod came by my table and I invited him to sit and he told me of a great local used bookstore nearby (McKane’s), more money-saving travel tips, oddly, modern day communes (another message from Her?) and then about the synchronicity of our both being drawn to the road.

Synchronicity #3

That got me to point out how synchronicity implies a higher intelligence, and I saw his shocked realization (in agreement), which got him to tell me about how he, having never been much of a Christian (see yesterday’s post, Synchronicity #3), felt the Holy Spirit enter his body at a recent church ceremony and how he felt a tremendous weight fall off him (to which I commented, “The less there is of you, the more there is of God,” but he was doing all the talking so I know my comment didn’t sink in.

I gave him my card, we shook hands and parted ways. He had obviously been drawn to me, but because he had so much to talk about, he didn’t hear what She wanted him to hear.

Synchronicity #4

I went to McKane’s bookstore, was drawn to the “World Religions” section and pulled the first book that caught my eye, the Bhagavad Gita, opened it to a random page and my eye fell on the interpretation of a passage which went something like this: “The aware man always sees in others the person, the soul, and the Oversoul,” and I thought, how cool is that, the Gita is saying exactly what I’ve been saying (Mortal, Soul, the Divine within/Her). Synchronicity #4.

Synchronicity #5

I then pulled down another random book, this one by a Japanese author, and the first thing my eye fell on went something like this: “When I am having a hard time and am frustrated and anxious, I think to myself, ‘The Other Wind is not blowing today.’ When everything in my life is flowing along in harmony, I think, ‘The Other Wind is blowing in my direction and is guiding my steps.'” I read a little more and it was obvious the author was talking about Her (an omnipotent intelligence INVOLVED in his world). Synchronicity #5.

Notice that all of these synchronicities involve Her as a real, unseen but involved, intelligent entity.

I went back to the hotel room (FYI: InTown Suites, $200/week or $29/night), and it being my last night in Chattanooga, I needed to do some wash, but the laundry room didn’t sell detergent. This surprised me, so I went to the office and asked for some, but they said they don’t sell laundry detergent and suggested I go next door to Walmart. The old Wayne would have asked, “Why don’t you have a vending machine in the laundry room for detergent?” but I know better now and figured that She just wanted me to shut up and go to Walmart.

Synchronicity #6

At Walmart, I picked up some detergent, turned around, headed down the aisle and hear, “Wayne?” and it was Rod (Synchronicity #6). I smiled to myself because I knew he hadn’t heard what She wanted him to hear yet (and that’s why there wasn’t any detergent in the laundry room). He was stunned by the synchronicity of running into me again and he got talking about how he longs to get back on the road but doesn’t have the money for it and he’s been praying for the resources, and recently, quite spontaneously while praying found himself speaking in tongues and I interrupted him…

I said, “You keep running into me because you need a reminder. You know, more than most, that there is a higher intelligence operating here. All this stuff that keeps happening to you means She exists. It’s confirmation of that. But you keep listening to your fears and forgetting all this evidence that She’s here for you. You’ve felt Her before. She wants you to know She’s here. She wants to move through you—She wants to be a part of your life, but your fears keep getting in Her way.”

As I/She was talking, I could see the realization coming over him, the awe as his worries and doubts just fell away. I could see a deeply buried and forgotten part of him stir and awaken and come alive. When I said, “She wants to be a part of your life” realization suddenly clicked into place and he was struck—literally—speechless. I touched his shoulder, smiled and walked away.

Listening To Her

Just like when my rental car broke down on that desolate mountain pass in Colorado and I knew there was a reason for it—as I saw Rod’s face light up, I knew then why I was in Chattanooga. As all the day’s pieces fell into place, as I surrendered to Her gentle nudges, I felt that wonderful sense of connectedness—of meaning and love and purpose and a plan.

This story, long as it was, is a perfect example of what it’s like to live in surrender—to operate from the level of Radiance—to allow Her to move through you. It’s the perfect example of “The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.”

I don’t know why She wanted Rod to hear what She had to say, but from the look on his face, I’m certain he did.

Synchronicity #7

PS: What is the seventh synchronicity mentioned in this post’s title? In the restaurant, when we were talking about synchronicity, Rod told me a lengthy story about a trip he made a few years ago to New Zealand and what stuck him about it was how, during the trip he experienced seven, and he stressed this, “Seven, God’s number,” synchronistic and interconnected events.


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  1. This post sent mild shivers through me, fantastic piece Wayne! I love that feeling when something feels right, but you don’t yet know why. Many times I’ve been to a place and people have asked, “Why did you come here?” and what I’d love to say is, “to find out why I came here!” but that would just confuse them of course.

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