Solitude and the Spiritual Seeker

Sunset over Camp

I often get asked if solitude is required to realize enlightenment. On the path of Mystical Oneness, there is only one place where isolation is critical.

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While it is natural to become less social during spiritual growth—particularly when shifting your identity between levels (Mortal to Soul or Soul to Radiance)—it is still important to have social interaction during these periods. You can’t live the path by escaping Life. During the Soul and Radiance periods, Life is used as a mirror to help reveal and unravel your natural Mortal or Soul conditioning. In order to release the conditioning and grow spiritually through these levels, you need to interact with others.

Moving from Radiance to Oneness though—where your identity is completely dropped—solitude is extremely important. At this delicate stage, it is very easy to slip back into your old identity, or even acquire a new identity—ie: a Messiah Complex.

Isolating yourself from others (and ideally surrounding yourself in Nature) is critical for the Openness/Awareness/Love/Oneness to take root.

For myself, the “shaking out” period lasted about three weeks, but I spent most of the previous two years completely alone. After awakening, there were about two years while I adapted to this new way of living—much of that with family and friends which helped shake loose most of the deep, family/relationship conditioning.

I am still adapting to this Oneness… I occasionally get lost in the world of thoughts. Thankfully though—during these “moments of confusion”—I simply “look” for myself and find no one there.

Though lately I’ve been feeling the need for isolation—more “quiet time”—I’ll just have to wait and see what She has to say about it. That’s how it works when there’s no one home—you just do what needs to be done.


From Mortal through Radiance: Stay in the World.

From Radiance to Oneness and to stabilize Oneness: Hop in your camper and head for the hills.

From stable or mostly stable Oneness: “Do what needs to be done.” – The Tao Te Ching.

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3 thoughts on “Solitude and the Spiritual Seeker

  1. Dear Wayne,
    The desire to go back to Solitude is taking my mind to new levels of purification- and to be in this worldly life at the same time is really challenging. I see an anxious mind in need of escaping the reality of this moment. I was thinking about your nomadic way of living. and very glad to read your new blog post.

    Love Always,

  2. @Joson: If you have the means, the camper/RV, is a great way to enhance your spiritual search as it allows you the opportunity to “get away” from society when you feel the need, while keeping the door open to allow you to “come back” to society when the time is right (stay in a campground/RV park in a city/town). Allows for both. When I’m on the road, I often do this “back and forth” as I feel the calling of solitude or society.

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