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One of the tasks I’ve assigned some of the students is to ask themselves during their day-to-day life, “Would this be important to me in 5000 years?”

If you are truly living as an eternal Soul, what is so important to you now that would still be important to you in 5000 years?

I asked myself that very question just this morning.

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5000 years from now, what will still be important to you?

From the students, I’ve received various and surprising responses, but I’ll refrain from posting their answers here as I don’t want to influence those who still haven’t received this task.

This morning, when I asked myself the same question, the answer turned out to be exactly what I am currently doing: Helping people learn to think and live as if they are a Soul.

When you operate from the Radiance or Oneness levels (my case), the vast majority of your self interests fall away (you surrender to Her will), and you naturally live much more altruistically.

The “5000 year question” then becomes one of “What can I realistically do that is of the greatest good for the most people who are alive 5000 years from now?

The answer for me was obvious. By helping others learn to live as a Soul today—much like the old adage of teaching a man to fish—the “ripples” of these actions will be felt, not only for the next few dozen years, but over the next few dozen generations.

Most of my students have already experienced a few powerful insights from the tasks I’ve put to them. What I wasn’t expecting though, was that in the teaching of others, I’d receive such insights myself.

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3 thoughts on “Still Learning

  1. Good morning! I have been a teacher for 12 years. This is my dharma. I’m sure you will continue on your journey and learn everyday from your students, as I have!! Enjoy the journey!!

  2. I have seen that our dharma is to “teach” and learn from our students and to be a students to other teachers. For me I’m both a teacher and a student. The father and I are one. It’s made my days so rewarding to see what lessons are in store for me each day and also if I’m teaching the good, the bad or the ugly.

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