Stumbling Northward

The Pacific Coastline

ASHLAND, OR—Over the last few days I’ve checked out a number of California towns to see if they felt right—Lake Tahoe, Point Arena, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Arcata, Mount Shasta. Each “called” to me on the map, but after driving through them and about them and talking with their people, none of them felt quite right.

I had been to Tahoe and Mount Shasta before (and loved them), but this time they felt “off.” I guess She’s got something else in mind.

What has become clear to me are the things that I’m drawn to: Nature and trails nearby, free-thinkers, coffee shops and bookstores, mild winters and summers. I like college towns because of their energy. Arcata is close (the town and people remind me of the Hawthorne district of Portland), but too isolated. Ashland’s close, but somehow too… civilized? Tomorrow I’m going to check out Jacksonville, OR, then head north to Eugene, Corvallis, etc. I’m open to (and appreciative of) suggestions.

I think if I don’t find a place to call home by the time I hit Canada, I’ll buy a used truck and travel trailer and return to my nomadic ways. Who knows?

Either way, I can’t lose.

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6 thoughts on “Stumbling Northward

  1. Enjoying your posts and hearing about your journey as always, Wayne. Not sure if you’ve already addressed this before; but how would you “live as a soul” if you were married and had children to take care of? I’m interested to hear your ‘take’ on that. 😉

  2. Wayne, Good luck with finding your town. I’m only familiar with the bigger cities in the Northwest which will probably be too civilized as well (I do adore Seattle and Vancouver for visits–don’t know about living there 1st hand).

    I’m just curious as a fellow nomad (currently taking a breather at my Mom’s since I am a little weary of travel and wanted to be still for a spell), do you physically need to traverse the land to tell if it’s “right” viscerally, etc.?

    Sometimes I have literally had omens and synchronicities falling from the sky onto my lap congealing and signaling a particular part of the country (or even overseas country) to go to next. Lately, unless I have that initial pull or tug towards a particular, specific place, I am not inclined to leave where I am at currently.


  3. If “stumbling” is what it takes to get a picture like this…I’d embrace “stumbling” in a heartbeat!

    It’s been my experience, when the head stops thinking and let’s the heart take over…all becomes
    “just right”..where ever your physical vehicle is.

    Happy adventures ( :

  4. @emily: Relationships… Actually, that would make a great post. Stay tuned. (Edit: Here is my reply.)

    @Evelyn: Do you physically need to traverse the land to tell if it’s “right” viscerally? For me at least, yes. Places I’ve been to, that I thought would be great (Lake Tahoe), just don’t feel the same anymore. I can be drawn to them on a map, but when I get there… it just doesn’t “tingle.” I am learning about what works and what doesn’t by visiting all these places, so… we’ll see.

    @Donna: Thanks! (and yes, my mind does like to think too much.) 🙂

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