Surrender and Spontaneity

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PALM BAY, FL—It is often said that sages (the enlightened) act spontaneously as events arise. Here’s the why of it—and how it feels to live this way… More below the break (huh?).

A simple example: This morning, I was sitting on the patio, having just finished breakfast, and the thought popped into my mind, “You should take out the mail.” The self-centered, mortal brain immediately countered, “It can wait, the mailman doesn’t come until the afternoon.”

Ignoring the mortal brain, I got up and took the mail out to the mailbox.

Nothing special or magical happened. I just got up, took the mail out, came back in, saw my dirty breakfast dishes, picked them up, washed them, …

What is very different from the way I used to be is that there is no arguing with myself, no deciding, no bartering, no resistance.

Do you see the difference in the purity levels of the two thoughts: “You should take out the mail” and “It can wait + some logical argument”?

From the level of Radiance, everything originates from the Divine—from Her. Every blade of grass: She made. Every clap of thunder: She initiated. Every rain drop, every gust of wind, every cloud, every color, every sound, smell, and sensation originates from Her.

In Zen terms, they arise from Emptiness. In Taoist terms, from the Source. In religious terms, from God. Everything—everything—comes from the ineffable Oneness.

The first thought, “You should take out the mail” popped into my mind from the Oneness, from Her. It seemingly came from nowhere and had the feel of a pure, untainted thought.

The second thought, “It can wait” also came from Her, but was “bent” by Her acting as me (don’t get hung up on the “Her acting as me,” this is just how mystics see themselves). It was bent, tainted by, the self-centered mortal brain.

In other words, the pure, first thought was selfishly “bent” to generate the second thought which is more palatable to the mortal’s aims: comfort and control. “I don’t want to do this now, here’s a logical reason to put it off.”

But the mystic operating at the Radiant level is too wise for all that. The mystic knows that inner peace doesn’t come from fighting Her (“I’ll put it off”), but from surrendering to Her (“Take the mail out”).

To the mortal, this sounds like “losing” because the mortal feels separate from “the world.” He feels like he lost, and the world won.

To the mystic the exact opposite is felt. The mystic feels a joyful connection as he surrenders to the Divine’s will, even if that “will” is as simple as taking out the mail.

Sages (mystics, the enlightened) act spontaneously because it is the most harmonious and natural way to act. It is the way of the Tao, of Emptiness, of God, of mystical Oneness.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, surrender—not tactics, practices, or plans—spontaneous surrender is the simplest path to both inner and outer peace.

Spontaneous surrender, simply put, is the way of harmony.

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  1. Hi Wayne,

    I was just wondering…do you credit your awakening to Holosync or to meditating? It would help a lot of people like me who would like to be awakened but do not know how to get there.


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