That Wonderful Nauseous (Nauseating?) Feeling

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DENVER, CO—I woke up at 4am this morning with that nauseous (nauseating?) feeling (feeling of nausea?) that I often get when I’m doing something “wrong.” I couldn’t figure it out since I’ve decided not to decide on, well, anything. I’ve decided I’m only going to do what only feels right, or toss the die (thanks Tom), or do nothing at all.

So why was I feeling nauseous?

After I got up, I went down to my car, and discovered that I had another flat tire. Thank God/Her that it went flat last night at the hotel and not way the hell up there in the Rockies where I was yesterday, because this morning I couldn’t get the tire off the wheel studs no matter how much I banged it with a hammer. I ended up having to call a tow truck.

Maybe there’s something more to these ill feelings than I suspected. Before I woke up, I had never seriously believed in psychic abilities (which is one of the benefits of the Radiant Level), but this, at least to me, is pretty compelling evidence.

PS: When your flat tire won’t come off the wheel studs, don’t sweat it. Just put on some heavy shoes, sit down in front of the tire and kick the bejesus out of the edge of the rim with the heel of your foot until it pops off (that’s what they did at the tire shop).

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3 thoughts on “That Wonderful Nauseous (Nauseating?) Feeling

  1. Of course you’re psychic to some extent. It’s in our Family Tree, and you know who to ask about *that*. 😉

  2. Acceptance and humor still seem to go “hand in hand” these days , Wayne.
    Thanks for a reminder . ( :

  3. Well if you felt nauseous I guess you felt sickening. Hmmm. And if you felt nauseated perhaps the escaped air from the tire got to you. Or it’s those damn gremlins….Even Radiant Ones don’t have the answers to Life’s questions, I think what they really have is the acceptance of not knowing the answer. I like that place–it’s so simple and after all, how can the wave understand the Ocean ? I think you is what good fortune you were not somewhere in the high Sierras when this happened…. C’est La Vie (Marcel Duchamp) hahaha

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