The Lonely Road

The Salt Lake City Mormon Temple

FALLON, NV—I’m heading west again.

Yesterday, on the loneliest part of the Loneliest Road (US 50 in NV), my front tire blew out. When I knelt to examine the remains, I impaled my hands and knees on about a thousand tiny thorns that cover the ground here (it’s a lonely and prickly road). I jumped around and swore for a few seconds, caught my breath (it’s a lonely and prickly and high road), jacked up the car, changed the tire and continued on.

Another cool thing about living as a Soul is that practically nothing that happens in this Mortal life is a big deal. If the car had caught fire and everything I own burned up… not a big deal. I’d regret losing my computer, but only as a reaction.

From the perspective of the Soul, this life is comparable to say, a year in high school. It seems important (and long) going through it, but from the big picture view (of your Big Picture Life), it is nothing.

When you look at life this way, you fear nothing. You take risks, you win, you lose, you pick yourself up, pull out the damn thorns, and continue down the road.

Living Life as a Soul is so much nicer than when I lived as a Mortal.

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6 thoughts on “The Lonely Road

  1. Love that year in high school analogy. Thanks for sharing your life and your perspective in such clearly accessible terms.

  2. Hiya,
    Just having my morning coffee (early in the afternoon), and catching up on your journey. What’s up with those thorns? Where are they coming from? Are they the road’s subtle advice NOT to go down that path or did all the thistles take a pilgrimage? Fascinating…
    Thanks for your notes and updates, it’s nice to know you are out there and good (well, apart from the thorn attack). Wishing you a safe trip!

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