The Meaning of Life

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Coe Landing CP, Tallahassee, FL—Let us assume for a minute, that what I wrote previously—and what mystics for thousands of years have been saying—is true. What then would be the meaning of your life—this life? What is your purpose here?

Between your last life and this life, something ripped you apart from your Beloved—some attachment to this world. How do you determine what that was?

The trick to finding the meaning of your life is to remember that you intentionally chose this lifetime because it holds the very issue that you are attached to.

How do you figure out what that attachment is? Simple, just determine how your life sucks.

What recurring issues have followed you around your entire life?

Do you have a lifelong…

  • recurring or prevalent problem?
  • obsession or compulsion?
  • unfulfilled longing or dream?
  • physical or mental handicap?

If you keep in mind that you chose this life so that you (as a Soul) could grow, then your “problems” can be seen as a form of education and your lifetime as a form of Wisdom School.

The trick though, is not in trying to fix yourself—fixing the “mortal” problem is just a bandaid solution and won’t fix your core attachment—the trick is to transcend your issues.

The trick is to learn to live in harmony with them.

When you live in harmony with Life, you are in want of nothing.

When you are in want of nothing, there is nothing left to pull you apart from Her.

What is the meaning of life?

To find harmony with Life.

Happy New Year.

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5 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. Timing is everything. I was thinking about a recent encounter with someone and wondering why my path crossed with this person and the thought crossed my mind that it IS a lesson to be learned, because this lesson has come up in some form or fashion several times in my life. In a past life regression, I was facing a similar situation and was told: “Do not go back down to him, stay on your journey.” I said “No” and went back down. I want to say YES and stay on my journey. I am trying.

    This may sound bizarre but as serendipity goes, I saw something about you on Mobile Kodgers blog right after having this train of thought and started reading here only to come upon the above article which sort of confirms what I was thinking 30 minutes ago. All that to say, Thank you!


  2. “Whenever we work through a particular layer, the issues of the next layer automatically present themselves.” (Understanding the Enneagram, 361)

    But what if there were no purpose at all. Just watching a movie, playing with friends, challenging oneself, having some fun, only more so ?

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