The Mortal Ego: Your Personal Story

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SANTA FE, NM—Your personal story—I’m a doctor, a loving parent, a good person, a seeker, an artist, etc.—is just that, a story. It is a telling of what you do, but not what you are.

More accurately it is who you think you are.

But the who is an illusion, and its story is just describing that illusion.

Your story (and the who it describes) is not what you really are.

To shift from Mortal to Soul, a key practice is to see your story in much the same way as you see your clothes. You wear them for awhile, then you take them off.

Your clothes aren’t you—they are temporary.

Your story isn’t you—it is temporary.

Make the leap. See yourself as—and live as—a Soul. Use Life as a practice ground, as a constant reminder, to help you transcend your (temporary) mortal story.

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